Custodial Services for School K-12

Schools can be a hotbed of germs and viruses, but JAN-PRO® offers custodial services for schools from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Keep your community’s children and school faculty healthy with JAN-PRO’s exclusive cleaning system, EnviroShield®. EnviroShield® offers your scholars protection from the nasty viruses and frightening bacteria lurking in every classroom corner, hall wall, and cafeteria counter including the MRSA and H1N1 viruses.

EnviroShield® is non-toxic and eliminates 99.99% of those ghastly germs that can be found on surfaces such as keyboards, door handles, countertops, bathroom fixtures, and just about any other object a child can reach!

We’ve Been Schooled on Disinfecting Bathrooms

The highest traffic areas, perhaps the most germ-prone, could be the bathrooms in your school. Our team of custodial service professionals focus on this area with targeted wall-to-wall cleaning strategies that sanitize all the surfaces making them safer and germ-free. When the school’s bathrooms are clean, children and faculty are healthier and happier making it easier to teach and learn.

Our Custodial Services Takes It to the Next Level

From floor care to the air our children breathe, JAN-PRO takes your school’s custodial care services to the next grade. Our owner-operators have the right products, equipment, and processes to clean every type of floor surface from gym and dance room floors to locker and classroom floors.

JAN-PRO custodial services help to keep your schools safe by adhering to all OSHA standards and regulations. This way parents and staff don’t have to worry if they are being exposed to threatening or harmful chemicals.

The quiet-clean vacuums we use have HEPA filters to remove dust and bacteria particles leaving the air cleaner, fresher, and healthier to breathe. When it comes to custodial services, JAN-PRO has the expertise and knowledge you need to remain at the head of the class.

Keeping Your Children Safe and Secure

Each JAN-PRO office is locally owned and operated. We are proud to boast a 99% client retention rate and our reputation is unsurpassed when it comes to trust. Your local JAN-PRO owner-operator is bonded, licensed, and insured. Every JAN-PRO professional wears a uniform and ID tag for easy identification when on site and to help keep your school safe and secure during the administration of your custodial cleaning services.

Custodial Services Promise and Guarantee

When we promise you will be 100% happy with our custodial cleaning services, we mean it! Using the patented JAN-PRO Tracker® system, we want you to see and experience the best cleaning results from the first time we visit and every time thereafter. The 50-point JAN-PRO Tracker® system is used to measure how we are doing and to ensure we are always meeting our Signature Clean® standards.

When you are ready to graduate to a custodial cleaning company that keeps your best interests in mind, contact the professionals at JAN-PRO to learn how we can take your school to the next level of clean.

Don’t be late to class, call the JAN-PRO® professionals to schedule your FREE custodial services estimate and consultation. You can contact your local JAN-PRO® office or by calling 866-355-1064.

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