Looking for Commercial Cleaners? Look No Further than JAN-PRO!

When it comes to commercial cleaning every cleaning company promises great service, but only JAN-PRO® guarantees it and proves it with the experience and expertise of our commercial cleaners!

As professional commercial cleaners, we are committed to the best training, newest technology, and providing measurable results, making ours the highest quality commercial cleaning service available. There are three steps to our trademarked process.

Step 1: Trained Commercial Cleaners

Every JAN-PRO owner/operator starts with our training program. Our 5-week certification program is unsurpassed in the commercial cleaning industry and includes training on:

  • OSHA safety protocols
  • Systematic and comprehensive carpet-cleaning techniques
  • Up-to-date care and treatment for hard floors and other surfaces
  • How to dust and clean offices without disturbing them
  • Importance and effectiveness of chemical dwell time
  • How to keep surfaces bacteria-free
  • How to work greener and more efficiently
  • How to safely work in public places
  • The importance of being bonded and insured

Step 2: Proven Commercial Cleaning Techniques

The science behind the service is JAN-PRO Technics® Technology. When you choose us as your commercial cleaner, we use the most advanced products and equipment to deliver top-quality, professional services including:

  • Using eco-friendly cleaning techniques that use less product while covering a greater area
  • HEPA-rated backpack vacuums that filter out 99.9% of the particles from the air
  • Disinfectants, rated hospital-strength, for the broadest kill range of surface bacteria
  • Color-coded microfiber cloths, to ensure each cloth is used only for specific cleaning tasks
  • Microfiber mops that use less water and leave floor surfaces drier

Step 3:  Our Commercial Cleaning Guarantee

The guarantee of the service is JAN-PRO Tracker® inspection. As your preferred commercial cleaner, we are committed to your complete satisfaction and measure the quality of our efforts to confirm that when we say it’s clean, it’s clean!

We will stay ahead of cleaning issues, take care of any we find, and communicate with you about what we did to resolve them. We continually check and monitor our work to provide you with the best in commercial cleaning.  We benchmark our work and results by:

  • Assessing your cleaning needs, developing a plan on where to focus our cleaning expertise.
  • Using our 50-point checklist a JAN-PRO field service consultant inspects your property. We want to be sure you are completely satisfied with our performance as your commercial cleaner.
  • Tweaking and fine-tuning adjustments as needed.

Be sure you get the right commercial cleaner for your business, including a FREE cleaning service consultation, by contacting your local JAN-PRO office or calling 866-355-1064 today!

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