7 Ways Business Cleaning Services Earn Client Confidence

Business cleaning services form an important part of any workplace. It’s essential that you have confidence and trust in your cleaners. However, confidence isn’t something cleaners should expect. It’s something they need to earn.

Wondering how the best commercial cleaning companies earn their clients’ confidence? Below are seven ways that companies like JAN-PRO® develop long-lasting relationships with businesses.

How the Best Business Cleaning Services Earn Your Trust

1. They Understand Your Industry’s Unique Cleaning Needs. Different types of businesses require different types of business cleaning services. Unfortunately, some cleaning vendors will use the same products, equipment, and techniques on almost every job. Trustworthy commercial cleaning companies have distinct business cleaning services for different types of businesses. They know which cleaning systems work best for your type of facility, as well as which cleaning challenges you’re most likely to face.

2. They Customize Their Cleaning Services for Your Facility. Every workplace has a mix of unique factors and concerns that affect business cleaning services. To accommodate these factors, you need an equally unique cleaning plan. While some cleaning vendors provide minimal customization, the best cleaning companies will go the extra mile to understand their clients’ specific cleaning needs. After they’ve done so, they then develop a custom cleaning plan that accounts for these concerns.

3. They Work with You to Keep Your Workplace Secure. In most workplaces, cleaning services are performed after-hours. This typically means that cleaners will be onsite when no one else is present. Furthermore, cleaners will need to access and secure your workplace independently. Trustworthy business cleaning services have rigorous protocols in place to keep sites secure.

4. They Keep Your Workplace Healthier with a Deeper Clean. Anyone who’s ever swept dust under a rug knows that cleanliness is more than meets the eye. It’s a lesson that holds true for business cleaning services. Even if your workplace looks clean, it could be crawling with bacteria, harboring unpleasant odors, or filled with airborne irritants. Business cleaning services should provide a deeper, healthier clean, targeting health and hygiene concerns that may not be visible to the naked eye.

5. They Measure Their Results to Ensure Quality & Consistency. Too many business cleaning services operate on auto-pilot. Over the first few months, they’re responsive to client concerns. But after a while, they take a more hands-off approach, assuming things are business as usual. If the quality of their work starts to slip, they can be slow to respond. Trustworthy cleaning services will track their work and measure their results on a routine basis, allowing them to maintain high standards for quality.

6. They Guarantee Your Satisfaction with Their Cleanings. One of the things that set JAN-PRO apart from other cleaning companies is our cleaning guarantee. Every time your workplace is cleaned by JAN-PRO, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work. If you’re in any way unsatisfied, we will correct the issue within 24 business hours. If not, your next standard cleaning is on us.

7. They Help You Earn the Confidence of YOUR Customers. The best business cleaning services earn client confidence by helping their clients do the same. Whether you operate a bank, an auto dealership, or a medical office, your clients expect a clean and sanitary space when they visit your facility. A great cleaning service will partner with your business to create a clean, attractive, and inviting space for your clients.

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