5 Challenges for Automotive Dealerships & Cleaning Contractors

Cleaning a car dealership takes a different set of skills, materials, and equipment than cleaning most other types of businesses. If you own or operate a dealership, finding the right automotive dealership cleaning contractors can be difficult. Nevertheless, it’s critical that you find a qualified company for your cleaning needs. That means delivering a pristine clean in customer areas, while keeping your offices and service bay healthy, hygienic, and safe for your dealership’s staff.

Below, we take a look at five common challenges faced by automotive dealerships and cleaning contractors, along with how you should think about these concerns when hiring a cleaning provider.

Key Issues for Automotive Dealerships & Cleaning Contractors

  • Cross-Contamination. Cleaners need to be aware of cross-contamination risks within different parts of your automotive dealership. A high-quality janitorial service will already use different materials to clean areas like break rooms and restrooms. But in an automotive dealership, cleaning contractors need to apply the same rule to your service bay. The last thing you want is for an oily rag used in your service bay being used to clean your showroom.
  • Leaking Vehicles. Stains from motor oil, transmission fluid, or antifreeze are a reality for an automotive dealerships’ cleaning contractors. If leaks occur on a showroom’s tile floors, they can result in long-lasting grout stains. And if leaks go unnoticed, they can be tracked by employees’ or customers’ shoes, resulting in carpet stains. To prevent leaks, consider placing absorbent pads or mats beneath vehicles in your showroom. And if leaks occur, have cleaners take action as quickly as possible.
  • Specialty Flooring. Your showroom’s floors play a critical role in the appearance of your dealership and the impression it makes on customers. So, it’s important that your floors are cleaned using the right equipment, by contractors who understand the cleaning needs of specialty flooring. Before hiring cleaning company for your automotive dealership, make sure that cleaners will have the equipment, materials, training, and experience that your floors need.
  • Cleaning Frequency. Automotive dealerships need to be cleaned more frequently than most other types of commercial facilities. Customers expect an immaculate showroom when considering a purchase. And while showroom floors may be resistant to long-term stains, many dealerships’ floors are quick to show signs of scuffs and dirt. So, think carefully about how often your facility will be cleaned. Most automotive dealerships’ cleaning contractors perform cleaning services 5+ times a week, with particular attention paid to flooring.
  • Staff Health & Hygiene. Nobody wants to buy a car from a sniffling salesperson. At the same time, you don’t want to send half of your staff home in the middle of cold and flu season.To prevent a staff-wide case of influenza or the common cold, your automotive dealership’s cleaning contractors should have a comprehensive hygiene and disinfection plan in place.

Hygiene efforts should go into overdrive during cold and flu season, at which time you should work closely with your staff and your cleaning team on reducing the risk of infection.

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