What Are Industrial Cleaning Services?

Posted on August 29, 2023

As a business owner, it’s essential to understand what industrial cleaning is. Many confuse it with commercial cleaning, thinking they’re one and the same. 

Commercial cleaning services typically cater to commercial buildings like offices, businesses, and retail spaces. While industrial cleaning services can also accommodate these kinds of settings, their expertise is quite different. They also use specialized equipment and usually meet other standards to maintain industrial facilities adequately.  

What is industrial cleaning exactly, and is it the right solution for your business? We answer these fundamental questions in the following sections. 

What Is Industrial Cleaning? 

Industrial cleaning is a specialized form of cleaning focusing on the unique challenges in industrial settings. Unlike traditional commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning services involve thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining large-scale environments like manufacturing plants, power plants, and warehouses. 

Extra care and attention to detail are needed in these settings, as cleaners must perform their tasks safely and without interrupting operations. At the same time, they must work efficiently and use industrial-grade equipment to cover all areas, especially in expansive facilities. 

Industrial cleaning solutions are not reserved only for these environments. Hospitals, pharmaceutical production facilities, and distribution centers can also benefit from the thorough services industrial cleaners offer. 

Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Cleaning 

While both commercial and industrial cleaning focus on maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, they cater to distinct environments and have varying scopes. 

Commercial cleaning primarily involves the upkeep of office spaces, retail establishments, restaurants, and other public areas. This includes tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and restroom cleaning.

On the other hand, industrial cleaning is designed for larger-scale, high-traffic facilities. It requires specialized equipment and expertise to tackle unique challenges like degreasing heavy machinery, cleaning confined spaces, and handling and disposing of hazardous materials. 

For example, while a commercial cleaner might focus on keeping office floors spotless, an industrial cleaner would deal with cleaning production floors covered with machinery oils and industrial byproducts. The scale, complexity, and specific demands of these environments differentiate the two cleaning approaches. 

What’s Included in Industrial Cleaning Services? 

Here are some services you may receive from an industrial cleaning company: 

Deep Cleaning

Industrial cleaners perform deep, heavy-duty cleaning to meet the unique needs of large-scale facilities. They are also trained to dismantle heavy equipment if necessary to address hard-to-reach areas during their deep cleaning routine. 

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance 

Industrial floors endure heavy foot traffic, vehicle movement, and exposure to various chemicals. Professional industrial cleaning services use high-powered vacuum cleaners and industrial-grade cleaning agents to thoroughly clean these floors, removing debris and any slipping or tripping hazards. 

They can also offer floor care services, including removing spills and polishing factory floors to ensure safety and longevity. 

Equipment Cleaning and Degreasing 

Machinery and equipment in industrial settings can become coated with grease, oil, and other substances that compromise efficiency and pose safety risks. 

Industrial cleaning experts know how to properly dust and degrease machines like conveyor belts and production lines. With their industry-specific expertise, they help improve equipment performance and minimize the risk of accidents. 

Hazardous Waste Cleanup and Disposal

Industrial facilities often house chemicals and hazardous materials, making proper cleanup and disposal critical. Industrial cleaning experts are trained to dispose of hazardous waste according to legal and environmental regulations.

They can also help with accidental spills, customizing cleaning programs to clean up after the accident and let your business resume normal operations as soon as possible. 

The Benefits of Industrial Cleaning 

Industrial cleaning services offer a range of benefits extending far beyond mere aesthetics. 

Enhanced Safety

Enhanced worker safety is of the most significant benefits of professional industrial cleaning solutions. Since employees regularly work with heavy equipment or handle chemicals, maintaining a clean and organized environment reduces the risk of accidents, injuries, and health hazards for everyone in the facility.  

Improved Efficiency

Cleanliness not only improves your warehouse’s appearance but also promotes better performance and operational efficiency. With no dirt or clutter to distract employees and dust to damage your equipment, your employees can get more done with less effort. 

Extended Equipment Lifespan 

Industrial cleaners are trained to clean and keep industrial machinery in optimal condition. With their routine and deep cleaning services, you can extend the lifespan of your equipment, reduce the need for frequent repairs, and prevent accidents due to machine failure.  

Positive Brand Image 

Ultimately, regular industrial cleaning can help you improve your image and impress your clients, business partners, or visitors. A consistently clean and well-maintained facility reflects your professionalism and commitment to excellence, a trait your stakeholders will appreciate. 

The Next Steps

Now that you better understand industrial cleaning services and the difference between commercial and industrial cleaning, it’s time to decide which solutions to enlist.

Hiring an industrial cleaning company can benefit your operations if you run an industrial plant, manufacturing facility, or any expansive business center. This can help you keep your workplace organized, safe, and compliant with industry regulations, no matter how demanding your cleaning requirements are.

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