Starting a Cleaning Franchise: What You Should Know

Posted on March 7, 2023

Starting a Cleaning Franchise: What You Should Know

Plenty of businesses are flourishing across Arkansas, providing plenty of opportunities for commercial cleaning services. For those with an existing cleaning business or interested in cleaning business opportunities, starting a cleaning franchise may be a lucrative venture.

How do you start a cleaning franchise business? Whether you’re starting from scratch or have already built the foundation for your cleaning business, you can benefit from the additional support and tools provided by franchising your business with an established brand. Here are some useful tips on starting a cleaning franchise in your area.

1. Do Your Market Research

Before you can start a successful cleaning franchise, you need to have a plan and research the key areas that help you stand out. These include the following:

  • Your Target Market: Arkansas has plenty of commercial establishments in various industries. You can widen your scope and cater to all companies in the area, which gives you the advantage of finding new customers, or you can opt to limit your offerings to one niche industry.
  • Specialization: If you plan on narrowing your scope, this could be beneficial if you offer cleaning services to specialized fields like medical, industrial, and hospitality. These areas have public health codes and regulations, and some businesses pay premiums for cleaning businesses that can comply.
  • Services: Most cleaning companies offer regular cleaning and disinfection services. However, some potential clients might seek regular janitorial cleaning or more comprehensive and thorough cleaning solutions.
  • Local Competition: Oversaturated competition in particular niches and locations can limit how much you can earn. You can also look at your competition’s unique selling points, such as competitive pricing and flexible operating hours.

2. Look for Cleaning Business Opportunities

Whether you’re just starting your business or have already established your operations, franchising with a larger cleaning franchise business offers many benefits. Franchises set you up for success and provide the necessary support to help you stand out from other cleaning businesses in the area.

Some of these crucial factors that lead to elevated success include:

  • Support Systems:  You get consulting assistance from teams you might not have access to with your small business alone. These teams include sales, marketing, client acquisition, and more.
  • Additional Training and Certification: Receive training for specialized industries and services. These improve your cleaning process and boost your client satisfaction, which can lead to growing a loyal customer base.
  • Client Acquisition: When cleaning companies franchise their business, they get the assistance of larger organizations to acquire new clients. This means you get access to cleaning business opportunities from an established marketing strategy and your franchisor.

3. Run Your Business

With a flexible franchising model like JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting, you retain complete control over your business operations. If you’re already a cleaning business in operation, you can continue to service your existing clients while reaping the benefits of working with a trusted brand.

Finding cleaning business opportunities with an established commercial cleaning brand such as JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting provides the flexibility of being your own boss while reaping the benefits of working under a trusted brand as a franchisee.

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Invest in your cleaning franchise business’ success with a brand many businesses trust. When cleaning companies franchise their business with the right franchisor, this can translate to better operations, tools to stand out against competitors, and a brand that takes care of its franchisees.

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