10 Office Cleaning Problems: What to Do?

Posted on July 16, 2023

Maintaining clean office spaces is a must for any successful business. Clean offices boost productivity, achieve a good first impression among clients, and add to your office’s visual appeal. 

Having the right team to provide office building cleaning services ensures your office always looks its best. However, your office may face these cleaning issues that can lead to operational disruptions. Here are some of these common problems and the best solutions.

10 Common Cleaning Problems for Offices and How To Address Them

Here are some of the most common problems office managers face when it comes to business office cleaning in Arkansas. 

1. Poor Cleaning Quality

Not all cleaning office services in AR have the same level of quality. As a result, you can spot issues with your cleaning results, such as uncompleted tasks, poor cleaning techniques, or unresponsive service providers. 

Solution: Be careful about the cleaners you hire. Whether it’s in-house or outsourced third-party cleaners, it’s essential to research what they can provide for your office. Ideally, your cleaners should have a systematic cleaning plan and measures to ensure they deliver the cleaning quality you expect. 

2. Unreliable Cleaners

For those with in-house cleaning teams, you may face a number of problems when it comes to schedules or absenteeism. Cleaning staff who take unexpected time off can cause delays in operations and keep all your spaces clean. If you’re outsourcing your office building cleaning services, you may find your cleaners arriving late, leading to delays or insufficient time to achieve the level of service you would expect. 

Solution: If you want to minimize cleaning disruptions because of employees taking time off, it’s much better to outsource than to hire in-house, as you’re paying for the service itself. Additionally, check reviews and see what measures a cleaning service provider can take to reduce late services. 

3. Lack of Training

Cleaners who don’t receive enough training may not be working efficiently. As a result, they may be using more resources than necessary, don’t use the best practices for using specific cleaning tools, and may even cause damage to your property. 

Solution: Your in-house staff may need to be aligned on the best practices for cleaning your office. Your business must provide training, especially with newer staff members with little to no experience. Alternatively, professional service providers can give business office cleaning in Arkansas with trained cleaners.

4. Missed Areas

Your cleaning team may miss a few tasks depending on their capacity and your office size. While they might be a minor task, such as dusting hard-to-reach corners, they can affect the overall appearance of your office. 

Solution: Your cleaning team should have a checklist or a plan that caters to all the tasks you want to be done in a day. Time management is necessary to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your cleaning team.

5. Wrong Cleaning Supplies

While some cleaning products claim to be all-purpose, the truth is that some products are better for certain messes than others. Using all-purpose cleaners tends to build up chemicals, even if it’s not the best one for the job. 

Solution: Reduce chemical residue build-up in your office by using the right cleaning supplies for the task. Opt for eco-friendly and organic alternatives to reduce chemical build-up in the office. 

6. Garbage Pile-Ups

Throughout the day, your office’s garbage cans can collect more and more trash. Eventually, waste can overflow and create eyesores around the office. This can sour mood and productivity towards the end of the day. 

Solution: Ask your cleaning team to increase the number of times they empty garbage cans. Trash can develop odors and attract pests within a few hours, worsening the office environment if there is limited space. 

7. No Quality Assurance Systems

Your cleaning team may provide inconsistent cleaning office services in AR. On some days, you might find that the work is done but not in a way that’s efficient or meets your cleanliness standards. With no quality assurance systems, there may not be any clear way to fix the inconsistencies. 

Solution: Create your own quality assurance system for your in-house team. If you outsource your business office cleaning in Arkansas to another company, ask about their quality assurance and what potential remedies they provide in case you’re unsatisfied with the results. 

8. Eco-Friendly Cleaning 

Your office may want to minimize its environmental impact and implement eco-friendly strategies. However, your staff may have limited resources to provide greener solutions. This may be an issue if your company has pledged to be greener or operates in green buildings covered by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Solution: Outsource your cleaning office services in AR to a team that can provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Not all cleaning companies can provide this, so discuss your needs with potential providers before committing to their services. 

9. Cross-Contamination

Your office may have issues with odors and cleanliness even after your spaces have been cleaned because of cross-contamination. For example, using the same wet mop to clean the bathroom for the rest of the office can spread bacteria – which can lead to odor development – and viruses – which can lead to transmission and infection. 

Solution: Ensure your cleaning team has adequate equipment to avoid cross-contamination. Ideally, there should be cleaning equipment designated for certain areas and tasks. 

10. Cost-Effective Cleaning

Cleaning is an investment in your office spaces, but you might find that you’re going over budget to achieve the level of cleanliness you want. The best cleaning solutions aren’t always the most expensive, so you can find cost-effective solutions that meet your office’s budget and cleaning standards. 

Solution: Outsourcing your cleaning needs is more cost-effective than hiring in-house staff. Search for cleaning service providers that meet your office’s operational needs and budget, and then consider their cost as a key deciding factor. 

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