Industrial Facility Commercial Cleaning by JAN-PRO® of St Louis and Central MO

Industrial and manufacturing facilities require heavyweight commercial cleaning. At JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO, we have the experience to handle industrial spaces, along with access to our industry’s most heavy duty systems, technology, and chemicals.

We’re Industrial Cleaning Specialists

Industrial cleaning from JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO puts the expertise of the world’s #1 rated commercial cleaning organization on your side. Thanks to JAN-PRO’s exclusive and patented systems, including Signature Clean®, EnviroShield®, and JAN-PRO Tracker®, we consistently deliver industry-leading results. By partnering with JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO, you’re not just working with a fully bonded and insured cleaning provider, you’re also working with a team that passed the most rigorous certification program in our industry.

  • OSHA Expertise: Whatever the health and safety regulations faced by your facility, we make sure your workplace meets or exceeds any and all legislated standards, including MSDS compliance, exposure control plan requirements, blood-borne pathogen standards, hazardous communication standards, chemical handling and labeling standards, and drug testing methods.
  • Measured Cleaning Results: By using the JAN-PRO Tracker® system, we make sure our industrial commercial cleaning services always meet the highest standards.
  • Large Facility Cleaning: Our cleaning teams are experienced in the challenges posed by larger facilities. Our experience means we have the solutions in place to tackle the challenges commonly faced by large industrial or manufacturing facilities.
  • Cleaning and Chemical Expertise:  JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO has been tested and certified in our knowledge of chemical cleaners, chemical handling, the pH scale, and chemical safety.
  • Specialty Flooring Services: We don’t just provide floor cleaning for surfaces like carpeting and hardwood. We also provide specialty services that keep tile and concrete their cleanest and safest.
  • Smarter Systems: Under JAN-PRO Technics®, we customize your facility’s cleaning systems to make them as robust and efficient as possible.

Commercial cleaning for industrial facilities from JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO also include the best germ and bacteria fighting systems in our industry. We color code our cleaning materials to fight cross-contamination, use greener cleaning methods that improve coverage while reducing the use of harsh chemicals, and with our EnviroShield® system, we deliver the industry’s most effective and efficient disinfection. We also work with your security in mind, wearing full uniforms with visible name tags to make it easy to spot members of our cleaning crews. We back up our industrial commercial cleanings with the JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO service guarantee – an offer unique in the commercial cleaning industry.

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