JAN-PRO® of St Louis and Central MO: Expert Bank Cleaning Contractors

When you run a bank or a financial institution, projecting a trustworthy image is non-negotiable. Hiring a professional team of bank cleaning contractors – and a team that understands the security concerns that banks face – is your first step to winning over clients. With JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO, your bank benefits from our patented cleaning systems and processes, including EnviroShield®, Signature Clean®, and JAN-PRO Tracker®.

We Know Financial Institutions

At JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO, we believe commercial cleaners should be specially trained in the industries they serve. That’s why our bank cleaning contractors aren’t just cleaners who happen to work for your bank. Instead, with JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO, you’re hiring a fully bonded and insured team that’s been certified for its bank cleaning expertise. The bank cleaning contractors from JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO obtained their certification from our intensive five-week training program that covers industry-specific cleaning requirements. Thanks to our certification, you know that your cleaners will be industry experts.

Our cleaners’ expertise includes:


  • Bank Security Protocols: We keep in regular contact with your managers to keep them aware of our location and wear easy-to-recognize uniforms and ID tags while cleaning.
  • Specialty Flooring: We have the equipment, training, and experience to leave carpeting, tile, hardwood, and marble looking exceptional.
  • Quieter Vacuuming: Our HEPA-quality vacuums are not only quieter, they’re also proven to improve air quality.
  • Disinfecting: We are the only bank cleaning contractors in St. Louis with access to the EnviroShield® system. This system gives hard-to-clean surfaces, like carpets and keyboards, hospital-strength disinfection against bacteria and flu viruses. EnviroShield® is also EPA-tested and safe for human beings and the environment.
  • Restroom Cleaning and Disinfection: We provide frequent bathroom cleanings and disinfection while on site. Our cleaning teams keep an eye on areas prone to germ-transfer, like faucet handles, towel dispensers, push plates, soap dispensers, and flush handles.

We also bring smarter methods to our bank cleanings. Our contractor cleaning services use color-coding to reduce cross contamination, ensuring cloths that are used in your restrooms are never used elsewhere. We also go easy on the environment, by using strategies that reduce the use of harsh chemicals.

JAN-PRO is the only bank cleaning contractors in the St. Louis area to guarantee cleanings. We’re confident you’ll love the work we do, and we track our results to make sure we constantly deliver exceptional work. With our guarantee, any cleanings missteps will be fixed within 48 business hours. If not, you receive a free cleaning.

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