Tips for Cleaning Preschools During Summer Break

Posted on August 2, 2023

Tips for Cleaning Preschools During Summer Break

When school’s out for the summer, preschools that are normally filled with loud and messy toddlers are now calm and quiet. On top of providing a break for teachers, it’s a good time for school administrators to hire preschool cleaning services in Richmond and get their school deep cleaned in time for the next school year. 

Your school summer cleaning checklist might be daunting, especially with keeping track of everything you need to complete over the next few months. With our tips and a cleaning checklist for preschool facilities, your school’s staff can stay on top of all the additional cleaning tasks that keep your preschool at its best. 

Tips To Complete Your Cleaning Checklist for Preschool This Summer

With several months to take care of your school summer cleaning checklist, these tips make keeping track of your cleaning tasks a breeze. 

1. Write Down a Cleaning Plan

You might have a school summer cleaning checklist in your head, but putting it on paper or a collaborative document online helps you keep track and allows others, like your janitorial staff, to collaborate. Write down your cleaning checklist for preschool facilities, as well as the following details:

  • Calendar Timeline: Coordinate with your cleaning team about the tasks that need to be done and when you can expect them to complete their tasks. Provide allowances in case of delays. Note down dates when you arrange for third-party service providers, such as equipment maintenance and HVAC technicians, to come and conduct maintenance or specialty cleaning services.
  • List of Rooms: If it’s not feasible to tackle one floor at a time, list which rooms can be covered and when you can expect your staff to get each room deep cleaned. Bigger rooms like auditoriums and gymnasiums may take more time. You may also find it helpful to divide the school into areas to make tasks more manageable.
  • Tasks: There are the usual cleaning tasks your staff does year-round, and then there are the additional deep cleaning tasks that need to be done. Indicate whether you’re leaving these tasks to your team or if you need to seek outside service. 

2. Conduct Maintenance and Repairs

On top of handling deep cleaning, now is an excellent time to ensure your equipment is in good condition. Not only does maintenance help increase the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment, but it also reduces the risk of breakdowns that could cause inconveniences after the school year starts. Some things to look out for:

  • HVAC appliances
  • Air ducts 
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Outdoor fixtures
  • Playground
  • Landscaping

3. Take Inventory of Your Cleaning Equipment

With summer deep cleaning ongoing, take a look at your existing cleaning equipment and supplies and see if you need upgrades, repairs, or replacements. This ensures your school is working with the best tools to keep your school clean and safe for your students. 

Check if your cleaning staff has the right supplies and equipment for deep cleaning. Equipment like your wet and dry vacuum may need replacement. Your floor buffer’s pads may be worn and need to be replaced, or it may be an outdated model that uses more time and electricity compared to newer models. 

Trust JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting for Reliable Preschool Cleaning Services in Richmond

There’s plenty to do over the summer to ensure your preschool is spotless and looking its best before the new school year begins. If your cleaning team already has their hands full with everyday cleaning tasks, consider hiring professional preschool cleaning services in Richmond. With a qualified team like JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting, you can work with reliable cleaners who can keep your facilities pristine and safe for your young students. 

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