How You Can Count On Our Professional Office Cleaning Services in St. Louis

Posted on February 14, 2020

Most people only notice office cleaning when it’s disruptive, going poorly, or otherwise complicated. When you’re looking for professional office cleaning services in St. Louis, you want a cleaning team that you can always count on. Ideally, cleaners should strive for excellence and get the job done without getting in the way of your business.

That’s what JAN-PRO® of St. Louis and Central MO offers. We’re known for the highly rigorous, thorough, and exacting standards we set for professional office cleaning services. But we also make sure that your services are reliable, that we always meet or exceed your expectations, and that we don’t disrupt the daily running of your office place.

3 Ways We Make Our Professional Office Cleaning Services in St. Louis Hassle-Free

At JAN-PRO of St. Louis and Central MO, our owner-operators will discuss your options with you in advance, so you can get professional office cleaning services that are integrated seamlessly. You’ll always have the assurance of getting cleanings that work for you:

  • We schedule services at your preference. When you’re in the middle of a client call, you don’t want to hear the vacuum running. We schedule services to work around your office hours. Our cleaners wear easy-to-identify uniforms and name tags so you always know who they are and where they are.
  • Both our owner operator and our Operations Consultants are available to assist you. We cover you with both an owner operator doing the cleaning and an Operations Group that backs them up. This means we can always offer an extra layer of accountability, and we can make sure that cleanings are being completed according to plan and up to our high standard.
  • We stand behind the strength of our guarantee. We make it extremely easy to log any concerns you have. Our guarantee is one of the strongest in the entire industry. We can come back in just one business day to correct any problems, or we’ll cover your next standard cleaning from us. We stand behind the strength of our work.

You never have to worry about the results of your cleaning services. With our team, you’ll know what to expect every time, and you can trust our owner-operators to deliver.