Commercial Cleaning Contracts in St. Louis: Helping Your Business Thrive

Posted on December 2, 2019

Commercial cleaning is a sector with enormous stability, growth potential, and low cost of start-up. In many ways, that makes it the perfect industry to start your business. But starting and maintaining a new company always comes with obstacles and risks. It’s one thing to get cleaning contracts in St. Louis, but much more difficult to maintain them and help your business get ahead.

That’s where JAN-PRO® of St. Louis and Central MO can help. We offer franchising opportunities throughout the region, and we can help you minimize conventional obstacles of business start-up while expanding on your opportunities. With cleaning contracts, brand training, equipment, and more, we can make sure your business stays competitive, active, and thriving.

The statics of small businesses tell a clear story of what works and what doesn’t. Simply put, most new businesses cease operations in their first few years. But the outlier is always franchised businesses. Almost three quarters of all franchised companies are still operational even seven years in! Our franchisees always know they have the support and infrastructure they need as they scale up.

3 Ways We Help Maintain Cleaning Contracts in St. Louis

At JAN-PRO of St. Louis and Central MO, we know that chasing new clients and maintaining satisfaction with existing customers can be difficult work. Here is how we help you keep existing cleaning contracts while growing your business:

  • A focus on your customers. One of the top reasons for clients leaving a cleaning service is simply a lack of adequate customer service or quality control. When we supply you with cleaning contracts in St. Louis, it takes the pressure off sourcing new accounts. Instead, you can focus on existing customers and quality of service.
  • Brand visibility. As a new business, building and maintaining a reputation is a time-consuming process. As a franchisee of our company, you’ll benefit significantly from the visibility of our existing brand. It means that clients know they can come to you for a higher level of cleaning services.
  • Measures for quality control. With JAN-PRO Signature Clean® and JAN-PRO Tracker®, you’ll always have clear-cut protocols on how to deliver and measure exceptional cleanings every time. These comprehensive programs allow you to ensure our rigorous brand standards, so you can maintain peak customer satisfaction.

We have cleaning contracts serving St. Louis, Columbia, St. Charles, O’Fallon, Fenton, Central Missouri, and the surrounding areas. Contact JAN-PRO of St. Louis and Central MO to learn more: (314) 989-9997.