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At JAN-PRO of Portland OR, we know the challenges school administrators face when it comes to cleaning services. When hundreds of students stream through your doors every morning, it takes the best and smartest systems to keep your facility sanitary, tidy, and attractive. With JAN-PRO of Portland OR as your school’s cleaning services provider, you’ll create a cleaner and healthier learning environment.

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A+ Disinfection

We’re the only Portland-area cleaning company with access to EnviroShield®, the commercial cleaning industry’s most advanced system for disinfection. This system delivers a 99% contagion kill-rate, and uses eco-friendly, people-friendly chemicals that have been rated level IV – the EPA’s best grade possible for chemical safety.

Healthier Classrooms

EnviroShield®’s patented spray-release technology makes it more adaptable than comparable systems. Whether you need full-room disinfection or targeted germ elimination, EnviroShield® works anywhere you need it to, including high-touch, tough-to-clean areas, like computer keyboards and door handles.

We Disinfect Bathrooms

We clean and disinfect bathrooms with a special focus on the areas where germs and bacteria present the greatest risks, like push plates, faucets, and flush handles.

Smarter Strategies

Our cleaning teams use eco-friendly systems that reduce harsh chemical use, as well as color-coded cleaning systems that ensure materials used in germ-heavy areas (like bathrooms) never get used elsewhere.

Secure Cleaning

Our cleaning teams wear JAN-PRO uniforms whenever we perform school cleaning services, making it easy to identify our staff whenever on site.

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