School Cleaning Service in Philadelphia: Making Your School Safer & Healthier

How Our School

Cleaning Service Improves

Your Learning Environment

Since schools can be an ideal place for the spread of germs and pathogens, we work to reduce person-to-person germ transfer and eliminate bacteria and viruses. Our EnviroShield® disinfection system effectively knocks out 99% of germs on contact. It even treats otherwise hard-to-clean surfaces like fabric-covered furniture, computer keyboards, and school supplies. You’ll have greater peace of mind about the safety of your school when you know it’s been disinfected from floor to ceiling.

What Our Clients Have to Say

High-quality floor cleaning

We’re experts at cleaning all types of flooring materials, from cement and hardwood to tile, carpet, and rubber. We’ll help protect your floors and leave them looking their very best.

Detailed restroom cleaning

Our approach to cleaning bathrooms tackles high-touch surfaces where germs tend to linger. In addition to cutting down on the spread of germs in these areas, we also keep them looking fresh and clean.

Environmentally-friendly cleaning

We always reach for eco-friendly cleaning agents and utilize professional techniques that enable us to cut down on waste. Our green cleaning formulas are a better choice for the planet and are safer and healthier for your students and teachers since they’re free of toxic chemicals that could generate noxious fumes or harmful residues.

Healthier indoor air quality

We reduce levels of indoor air pollution in schools with our HEPA filter vacuums, whose high-tech processes filter out dust, dander, and other irritating particles from the air. Your students will appreciate having fresher, healthier air that’s easier on their respiratory systems.

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