Janitorial Cleaning in Cleveland: The Microfiber Advantage

Posted on November 8, 2017

While you may have heard the saying “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” at JAN-PRO® of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo, we understand that this age-old saying simply isn’t true. Without developments in cleaning technology, the janitorial services we provide to facilities would be without vacuums, disinfectants, and one of our most important tools: our microfiber cloths and mops. The microfiber cloths and mops we use to deliver our janitorial services to facilities in Cleveland and throughout NE Ohio help us clean more effectively, efficiently, and safely, leading to higher-quality results at every cleaning.

How Microfiber Helps Janitorial Cleaning Services in Cleveland

The main difference between microfiber cloths and the traditional cloths some janitorial services use when cleaning Cleveland-area facilities is the size of the fibers woven together to create the cloths. Traditional cloths are woven from large fibers with larger spaces between each fiber. These cloths work by collecting dirt and dust particles and dragging them across a surface to clean it. While these traditional cloths are able to offer a certain level of clean, they are unable to collect smaller particles and cannot trap the particles they do collect.

In contrast, the microfiber cloths we use when delivering our janitorial cleaning services to Cleveland-area facilities are made with fibers 1/16 the size of a human hair. These tightly-woven fibers are able to collect particles that are much smaller than those collected by traditional cloths and mops. By being able to collect smaller particles, microfiber cloths eliminate more than dirt and dust. They’re also able to collect small particles of bacteria. In fact, studies have shown that where traditional mops are able to remove 30% of bacteria from surfaces, microfiber mops are able to remove 99% of bacteria, leading to much cleaner and healthier workplaces.

In addition to being antibacterial, the microfiber cloths we use when delivering our janitorial cleaning services to facilities in the Cleveland, OH area help us clean larger areas more quickly and more effectively. When the microfibers in our cloths rub together, they become positively charged. This positive charge draws particles of negatively-charged dirt and dust into the weaving of our cloths rather than simply dragging it across a surface, eliminating dirt and dust more efficiently.

To learn more about the advanced cleaning systems we use when delivering janitorial cleaning services in Cleveland, OH, call JAN-PRO of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo today at (440) 605-9000.