Janitorial Business in Cleveland: Find Independence & Success

Posted on July 23, 2019

If you want to start your own janitorial business, you can find the independence and success you’re after by purchasing a commercial cleaning franchise from JAN-PRO® of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo. We offer franchise plans in Cleveland and other communities in the NE Ohio area and support our franchisees throughout their journey as business owners. Read on for details about how we’ll help you get on the right track to becoming a successful business owner.

Why Start a Janitorial Business in Cleveland as a Franchisee?

If you haven’t considered the benefits of starting your business venture as a franchisee, now’s the time. Franchisees gain the advantage of utilizing a business model that’s already been perfected by a successful company. Plus, franchisees are able to use the brand name of that company, giving them a leg up in the industry by making them more recognizable to customers than their non-franchise counterparts.

JAN-PRO is a renowned name in the commercial cleaning industry that has come to represent high-quality customer service, meticulous, industry-specific results, and a customizable approach to the cleaning process. As a part of the JAN-PRO family, you’ll gain access to our branded systems, innovative tools, and reputation for excellence.

How We’ll Help Your Janitorial Business in Cleveland Succeed

Here are just a few of the ways that our team at JAN-PRO of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo help you on the road to independence and success in your new business venture:

  • Built-in customers. Since we’ll provide you with a local customer base, you won’t have to stress about constantly making sales. Instead, you can focus on retaining customers by delivering the very best customer service and commercial cleaning results possible.
  • Growth and expansion. Whenever you’re ready to grow your business, we’ll be there to help you expand. On the other hand, if you’re happy with the size of your operation, you can be sure that we’ll never pressure you to increase your reach.
  • Flexibility. As the owner of your own business, you get to dictate your hours and choose which client accounts you want to take on. Finally, you’ll be able to maintain a schedule that fits with your lifestyle while enjoying the business success you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about opening a janitorial business as a franchisee with JAN-PRO of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo. Give our office a call today at (440) 605-9000 for details about purchasing a franchise plan in Cleveland or a nearby community in the NE Ohio area.