How Office Cleaning Services Can Prevent Workplace Absences in Cleveland

Posted on October 19, 2017

Like it or not, winter is on its way, and while the season may bring warm sweaters, hot chocolate, and cozy evenings with friends, it also brings coughs, colds, and other illnesses. Not only can these illnesses leave you without the staff to keep your operations running smoothly, they can also affect the productivity of the workers that are able to make it into the office. While the common cold might seem to be a permanent fixture in the winter months, there are ways your office cleaning service can help keep the workers at your Cleveland-area office healthier this winter.

Our Office Cleaning Services Can Keep Employees in Cleveland Healthy

Different seasons bring different cleaning challenges. Whether it’s fighting against mud during the rainy fall months or keeping pollen out of your workplace’s air in the spring, your office cleaning service should have systems to keep your Cleveland-area office comfortable for your workers all year round. Just some of the ways our cleaning service of JAN-PRO® of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo can keep your office throughout NE Ohio germ-free this winter include:

  • Disinfecting Keyboards. Computer keyboards are among the most highly-contagious surfaces in any workplace, and with the cold coming in, your workers might be more tempted to eat at their desks rather than go outside. This proximity to keyboards while eating can put your workers at greater risk of picking up a virus. That’s why it’s especially important during the winter months that your office cleaning service has systems to thoroughly disinfect the keyboards at your Cleveland-area office.
  • Targeting High-Traffic Areas. From sinks to door handles to your workers, it’s amazing how quickly germs can spread from one surface to the next. While cleaners who use one-size-fits-all cleaning plans might leave your office looking clean on a surface level, this blanket approach might leave areas of your office overlooked. By creating a customized cleaning plan from JAN-PRO of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo that targets high-touch areas, your cleaner can eliminate harmful viruses before they infect your workers.
  • Improving Air Quality. Older heating systems and the inability to open windows in the winter can lead to poor air circulation, leaving bacteria and viruses hanging in your workplace’s air. By using vacuums with built-in filtration systems, your office cleaning service should be able to improve the air quality in your Cleveland-area office while cleaning your floors.

To partner with an office cleaning service serious about keeping your workers healthy this winter, contact JAN-PRO of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo today at (440) 605-9000.