Commercial Cleaning Services Experts in Indianapolis 

Posted on August 4, 2017

Every business has two sides: the face they present to their patrons, and the busy inner workings which make everything possible. While those two sides may look different, they both share the same need for a high level of cleanliness and safety. Both are crucial to ensuring that your Indianapolis business can operate efficiently, which is why JAN-PRO® of Central Indiana offers commercial cleaning services that take care of everything. From high-grade products to expert cleaning crews, choosing JAN-PRO of Central Indiana for your company’s commercial cleaning services means getting it all.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Strategy

Whether you run a government office, hospital, manufacturing facility or other Indianapolis-area business, workplace safety is an increasingly important issue. Our owner-operators are fluent in OSHA, CDC and other essential standards so they can ensure that your workplace is well within compliance with their guidelines. They’re also trained to provide an intensive, all-around clean for your Indianapolis facility including spotless floors, shining washrooms and improved air quality.

Our commercial cleaning services even extend to the medical industry. Our MedMetrix® program is perfect for getting healthcare facilities up to the incredibly high standard of hygiene necessary for medical environments. For all of our cleanings, there is one system that we rely on time and time again in all of our Indianapolis businesses and that’s our EnviroShield® disinfection system. We use EnviroShield® to disinfect hard to reach and high-traffic areas alike. It’s strong enough for use in hospitals where sanitation is essential, and also safe enough for use in daycare centers and elementary schools.

Indianapolis’s Secure Commercial Cleaning Service Providers

When you choose a commercial cleaning service provider, you want to know that you’re getting a partner as committed to excellence as you are. In addition to making sure you’re always happy with your services, JAN-PRO of Central Indiana prioritizes the security of your facility by sending our teams fully uniformed, with easy to spot ID badges. While we’ll always strive to get every inch of your workplace up to our JAN-PRO Signature Clean® standard, exactly what your commercial cleaning services look like is completely up to you. All of our plans in Indianapolis are customized to suit the needs of each unique business.

So why wait? Get incredible commercial cleaning services for your Indianapolis business by calling JAN-PRO of Central Indiana at (317)472-1472 and booking your free consultation today.