Office Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO® of Indianapolis

Creating a comfortable working environment is essential to the productivity of your business. With office cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Indianapolis, that’s never been easier. We offer the sanitation services your business needs to build a tidy, healthy, happy environment for your workforce.

We Know Offices

Between lobbies, offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, restrooms, and everywhere else, we pay close attention to detail without disturbing your workplace. We also understand how costly employee absenteeism can be, so we disinfect all those tough-to-clean, hard-to-reach surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant so powerful we can safely and effectively use fewer chemicals for a healthier environment. At JAN-PRO, we’d like to think our customized cleaning work makes your business dreams work.

Office Cleaning Reputation from JAN-PRO

Businesses and organizations everywhere trust their office cleaning to JAN-PRO. Since 1991, in communities, towns and cities across America, JAN-PRO has set a whole new standard for what it means to keep workspaces clean. We make sure that when your employees come to work every day, they’ll notice the difference! This is why JAN-PRO boasts a 99% customer retention rate. We don’t merely clean, we make your office pristine.

What Our Clients Have to Say


Office cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Indianapolis start with a custom commercial cleaning plan for your office. We work with offices large and small, of varying layouts, and faced with a wide range of unique cleaning challenges. Your cleaning expert will work closely with you to determine your biggest needs and concerns, performing a step-by-step site cleaning assessment.

With a custom office cleaning plan from JAN-PRO of Indianapolis, you can expect:

Floor Cleaning & Care

We clean everything from carpets to hardwood to marble. We offer day-to-day cleaning along with on-demand deep-cleaning for a range of flooring materials.

Improved Office Health

Nothing kills productivity faster than an office-wide case of the flu. That’s why we use JAN-PRO’s patented EnviroShield® system to eliminate workplace germs, bacteria, and viruses, even on tough surfaces like keyboards and carpeting.

Peaceful Cleaning

We use quiet-cleaning, HEPA-quality vacuums to keep noise-levels down, ensuring your team can continue to work undisturbed.

Smarter Strategies

We color-code materials so that the flat mops and microfiber cloths used in your bathrooms never get used elsewhere. We also use eco-friendly chemical application techniques that reduce your environmental footprint.

OSHA Expertise

Our cleaners make it easy to stay OSHA-compliant. JAN-PRO of Indianapolis cleaners are experts in MSDS standards, drug testing methods, and blood borne pathogen protocols, along with all other OSHA regulations.

Secure Cleaning

Working with JAN-PRO of Indianapolis means working with a bonded and insured office cleaning provider. We also require all workers to wear full uniforms whenever on site, making our team easy to identify.

In addition to the above services, office cleanings from JAN-PRO of Indianapolis are fully guaranteed. If you ever spot a problem with one of our office cleanings, we promise to fix the issue within 48 hours. We’re able to offer this guarantee thanks to our JAN-PRO Tracker® system, a 50-point quality-check system that allows us to hold our cleaning teams accountable. This way, you never need to worry about the quality or consistency of our office cleanings.

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