Professional Office Cleaning Services

Clean offices can help keep your employees happy, focused, and productive. It also reduces the risk of pests and infectious germs affecting your employees’ well-being. Trust a professional office cleaning service to deliver immaculate office spaces like clockwork with regular cleaning and janitorial services. With JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning, you get personalized cleaning solutions that benefit your business.

Office Cleaning Experts

Regular cleaning services are a must-have for any office. On top of how clean office spaces benefit your employees’ productivity and well-being, it also helps establish a positive impression with your guests. However, not all cleaning services are alike, so it’s best to choose a professional office cleaning service provider with a known brand name you can trust. With JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning, you can achieve pristine spaces and reap the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning needs to an established cleaning brand. 

Strong Office Cleaning Reputation

Businesses and organizations everywhere trust their office cleaning to JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning franchisees. They have set a whole new standard for what it means to keep workspaces clean for over 31 years. Cleaning franchisees make sure that when your employees come to work, they’ll notice the difference! This is why they boast a 99% customer retention rate.

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Custom Office Cleaning Plan

Every work environment is unique. That’s why JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning starts by evaluating the cleaning requirements that make sense for your office and schedule, then creates a custom cleaning plan designed specifically for your office.

Top-notch performance

Franchisee’s top-to-bottom, detailed office cleans achieve the highest level of satisfaction for each customer. Each cleaning franchisee completes rigorous certification and all of the cleaning franchisee local offices are fully insured.

Floor Cleaning Experts

Cleaning franchisees offer specialty cleaning for carpets and floors, including concrete, vinyl, marble, and other hard surfaces.

Break Room Cleaning

Each cleaning franchisee’s cleaning service plans include thorough cleaning of the break room for a welcoming environment to enjoy breakfast, lunch and everything in between.

Green Cleaning

Cleaning franchisees uses strategies that reduce your business’s environmental footprint.

Color Coded Materials

Microfiber cleaning cloths are proven to trap higher rates of dirt and dust than traditional materials. Each cleaning franchisee color codes cloths and mop pads, ensuring the materials used to clean bathrooms are never used anywhere else.

Fresher & Cleaner Air

JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning vacuums include quiet-cleaning, HEPA-filter vacuums to filter the air for improved indoor air quality.

OSHA Compliant

JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning services are designed to adhere to OSHA regulations and standards related to cleaning.

Operating Securely

Franchise owners must successfully complete a five-week brand standards certification program — the most comprehensive program in the industry. They wear identifiable brand uniforms and prominently display their ID badges so you know who is at your facility.

Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere

Thanks to its ProTeam air filtration vacuum equipment, cleaning franchisees literally clean the air breathed by your staff and guests. The four-filter HEPA vacuums they use trap dust and fine particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter, creating a fresher atmosphere for your office.

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