Customized Commercial Cleaning in San Diego

Posted on September 27, 2017

At JAN-PRO® of San Diego, we know a thing or two about commercial cleaning. As a member of the world’s largest and most-trusted cleaning brand, we have years of experience and expertise to back up the commercial cleaning services we provide businesses in southern California.

Just one way we ensure our services are always high-quality, efficient, and effective is by creating a custom cleaning plan for each facility we clean. Where some commercial cleaning companies in the San Diego, CA area may rely on a one-size-fits-all cleaning method, we’ve come to realize that this approach often leaves certain areas hastily cleaned or else overlooked completely. With our custom cleaning plans, we’re able to take a methodical approach to the cleaning we deliver, ensuring thorough disinfection for every square foot.

Our Impeccable Signature Clean® Standards

Our Signature Clean® program at JAN-PRO of San Diego sets the uncompromising cleaning standards we adhere to when creating our custom commercial cleaning plans. In order to be certified as a Signature Clean® location, our hands-on owner/operators have gone through 5 weeks of intensive training and testing, certifying them in our rigorous brand standards as well as in our state-of-the-art cleaning systems and techniques. This is the most intensive training program in the cleaning industry.

The Benefits of Customized Commercial Cleaning in San Diego

Still wondering why we believe so strongly in our customized commercial cleaning services at JAN-PRO of San Diego? With our customized cleaning plans we’re able to:

  • Specialize Our Services. At JAN-PRO of San Diego, we understand that different facilities face different commercial cleaning challenges. Whether you need kid-friendly disinfection for your preschool or industrial-strength cleaning solutions for your warehouse, by customizing our cleaning services, we ensure we always bring the right equipment, staff, and expertise to any cleaning challenge.
  • Target Bacteria Breeding Grounds. Our cleaning plans target high-traffic and high-touch areas in each facility, as well as areas that may be easily overlooked. This way, we’re able to eliminate dangerous viruses and germs before they spread to workers and customers.
  • Maximize Our Efficiency. By carefully planning our commercial cleaning services for each San Diego-area facility we clean, we ensure we maximize our efficiency and effectiveness. This in turn maximizes your ROI.

Call JAN-PRO of San Diego today at (858) 210-6413 to find out more about our customized commercial cleaning services and to schedule a free cleaning estimate.