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JAN-PRO Franchise Development, franchisor of the JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting brand, can take your company to the next level. Join a nationally recognized brand with proven systems, coaching, and services.

Why Franchise with
Cleaning & Disinfecting

As the #1 commercial cleaning franchise, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting has a stellar brand reputation and thorough set of cleaning processes, support systems, and customer service standards that can help you keep your clients happy and your business flourishing. This premier cleaning franchise brand provides new customer acquisition at the pace you set. We offer easy access to capital to help you grow, professional level business coaching, billing and collections, and best practice sharing with some the very best commercial cleaning companies in the Los Angeles area, plus all the support you’d expect for a nationally recognized brand.


Your revenue potential is truly in the palm of your hands. By outsourcing the difficult task of finding new contracts to JAN-PRO Franchise Development you can focus your resources elsewhere. Depending on how much revenue you want to generate and how quickly you want to generate it, JAN-PRO Franchise Development will help you grow at your own pace.


We are flexible with how you begin your franchise. We will work with you to thoughtfully tailor a growth plan that your business can handle and comfortably integrate. Some start with a small number of clients and expand as they increase capabilities and add team members to support more customer contracts.


With JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting, you’ll be in business for yourself—not by yourself. You’ll benefit from the use of the JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting brand name, a comprehensive certification program, and access to discount pricing through our national vendor relationships. Plus, your JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting contracts are your company’s assets. When you purchase a JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchise you will hire JAN-PRO Franchise Development to engage in sales and marketing, and uniform billing and collection while providing professional business consulting. You don’t have to do any selling or billing. You can focus on leading your team and providing great service while JAN-PRO Franchise Development provides the sales and marketing services to find the customers and negotiate favorable terms for you.


Ready to start your own Franchise?

If you want to learn how measurable cleaning and guaranteed results can lead to dreams coming true, JAN-PRO Franchise Development wants to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I keep my current contracts or do I have to convert them to JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting customers?

Unlike most other franchise businesses, we see immense value in our franchisee partners maintaining strong businesses beside their JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchise. We do not require our franchise owners to convert their current contracts to JAN-PRO brand customers. Experience has taught us franchise owners with healthy business outside their franchise make the best franchisees. As a matter of fact, this insight has inspired us to create a client referral program for our Certified Business Owners; when we come across prospects that simply do not fit in our model we pass it to our franchisees and they pursue it outside their franchise business. Although not directly of a benefit to us, this business referral program makes our Certified Business Owners’ businesses stronger. This adds strength and stability to our business by building strong partnerships and adding value to our franchise owners.

2. How much does it cost to own a JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchise?

Over the years we have worked hard to maintain a fairly low barrier of entry. JAN-PRO Franchise Development has a number of plans designed to fit your needs and goals, starting as low as $1,088 and going up to $51,000.

3. How much revenue can I expect each month?

That’s up to you! As a JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisee, you have the freedom and flexibility to determine the level of resources you want to invest – so your monthly revenue depends on the number and size of account contracts you want. Some elect to purchase a small amount of initial account contract offerings to try us out, while others begin with larger packages, more investment, and more substantial amount of initial account contract offerings.

4. Do I need to buy specific initial equipment?

You’ll need to demonstrate that your business is properly equipped to operate as a JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified business. We will provide a list of required equipment that your team will need in order to effectively meet the Brand Standards your future customers will expect.

5. Can I control the pace of new business?

Absolutely! Only you can determine your businesses capabilities and match that to your desire for growth and preparation for any pains that come with that growth. At the same time, we will assign a member of our JAN-PRO Franchise Development team as a Business Consultant for your business. Your assigned Business Consultant’s primary goal will be to work with you to develop short, mid, and longer-term goals for your business, and help you navigate a realistic and thoughtful path to reach those goals.

6. How do I know the contract pricing will work for my business and/or be competitive in the marketplace?

Contract pricing is based on a number of factors, just like the cost structure of your business. JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisees have decided they are not the low-cost service providers in the marketplace, and offer a premium level of service. JAN-PRO Franchise Development will act as your sales and marketing engine, scouring the area for customers that meet or exceed a specific set of parameters set by JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchise owners. We will work with you to offer contracts that fit your company’s unique profile, and will always provide full transparency to every aspect of the pricing process before you decide whether to purchase a contract.

7. Do I have to do my own billing and collections?

As part of our service offering JAN-PRO Franchise Development will bill and collect on your behalf and at your direction.

8. Do you offer veteran discounts?

JAN-PRO Franchise Development values veterans and has multiple programs to serve you and your JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting business.

9. How do I get started?

Complete the JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchise interest online form or JAN-PRO Franchise Development at 213-355-1212 to let them know you’re interested. If you’re a good fit for each other, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss all the nitty, gritty details with you. If you’re still interested after that, JAN-PRO Franchise Development will share the JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchise disclosure document with you. You’ll be eligible to move forward with purchasing a franchise 14 days after receiving that document and signing the disclosure receipt.

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