Louisville’s School Cleaning Company of Choice

Posted on June 23, 2017

As a school administrator, you play a vital role in preparing our children for the future. While you keep their minds and bodies active, we can help you keep them healthy, too. With JAN-PRO® of Kentucky, our regular cleanings can eliminate the common but harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses that are brought into your school every day. We’ll also keep your facilities spotless and attractive to parents. Whether you need a cleaning services for a preschool, college, or other school in the Louisville area, we have the expertise and tools to help.

Non-Harmful Preschool Cleanings for Louisville

Young children are fragile, with immune systems that are still developing. That’s why, for our preschool cleaning services in the Louisville area, we use gentle, non-toxic products and solutions. Our HEPA-filter vacuums reduce dust and dirt while filtering in clean air, making your space more breathable for asthmatics and other allergy sufferers. We use technology that has the highest rating from the EPA – meaning it’s mild and non-irritating. The same cleaning technology we use for our Louisville preschool cleanings are also used in day care centers, hospitals, and colleges – so you know they’re highly effective and non-harmful.

School Cleanings for Louisville

Every school has its own unique features, high-traffic areas, and germ-friendly regions. That’s why, at JAN-PRO of Kentucky, we map out a unique plan for each client. For each school cleaning in Louisville, we’ll create a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall service blueprint. It’s how you know exactly what to expect every time we visit. We pride ourselves on getting it right. One of our Louisville owner-operators will supervise each part of your school cleaning, to ensure it’s up to our exacting standards. It’s the JAN-PRO way.

Louisville’s Comprehensive College Cleanings

With college cleanings in Louisville, you need expert cleaners who know how to handle your multi-purpose facilities. At JAN-PRO of Kentucky, we don’t just clean schools – we also manage cleanings for medical centers, factories, gyms, restaurants, and homes. We have the diverse expertise to handle all your cleaning needs. Our powerful EnviroShield® system disinfects all surfaces of germs and bacteria, while our expert cleaners scour away grime. Whether it’s cleaning gyms, dormitories, the cafeteria, or classrooms, we have the equipment and the know-how to get your school cleaning done right.

If you need reliable school cleaning services in Louisville, call JAN-PRO of Kentucky at 502-553-3859 to find out about our higher standard of clean.