Benefits of Customized Commercial Cleaning in Louisville

Posted on September 26, 2017

From late nights, to long meetings, you have put endless hours into making sure your business stands out from your competitors. Now, why would you rely on a commercial cleaning service that treats your Louisville-area company like one of the crowd?

At JAN-PRO® of Kentucky, we understand that each business has a unique set of cleaning challenges and demands. That’s why we create a custom commercial cleaning plan for each facility we clean in the Louisville, KY area. From ensuring no areas are overlooked, to using specialized cleaning methods for high-touch and high-traffic areas, there are many benefits to our customized approach to cleaning. We’ve listed just a few of the main benefits below.

The Advantages of Custom Cleaning

At JAN-PRO of Kentucky, we’re proud to be part of the largest and most-trusted cleaning brand in the world. Our years in the cleaning industry have taught us that customized commercial cleaning plans lead to higher quality more effective and more efficient cleaning results for Louisville-area companies. Just some of the advantages of customized cleaning include:

  • No Area Overlooked. When creating a commercial cleaning plan for your business in Louisville, KY, we’ll go through your facility area by area. This way, we can ensure no square inch of your business is ever overlooked.
  • Targeting Bacteria Hot Spots. Thanks to the most rigorous training program in the cleaning industry, our owner/operators have been trained to spot the areas within your facility where bacteria might spread and grow. Our cleaning plans target these high-touch and high-traffic areas to eliminate harmful germs and viruses before they spread to your employees and clients.
  • Efficient Cleaning Results. Our area-by-area plans allow us to take a methodical approach to the cleaning we deliver. We plan out the most efficient and effective way to clean your facility, ensuring our services are always consistently exceptional.
  • Specialized Cleaning Services. At JAN-PRO of Kentucky, we understand that different facilities in the Louisville area have different commercial cleaning needs. From non-toxic and kid-friendly disinfection for preschools to heavy-duty cleaning solutions for industrial buildings, our custom cleaning plans ensure we always bring the right equipment, expertise, and staff to any cleaning job.

Choose JAN-PRO of Kentucky for customized commercial cleaning that meets all the needs of your Louisville-area business. Call us today at (502) 553-3859 for a no-cost cleaning estimate.