Janitorial Companies in Roseville: 3 Tips To Find The Right One

Posted on December 2, 2019

First impressions take as little as thirty seconds to form, and cleanliness is a big part of that. We all take this factor into consideration, whether it’s evaluating a restaurant based on how clean it is or subtly assessing a prospective hire based on how well-groomed they are. For companies like yours, using janitorial companies in Roseville can make sure you’re delivering the right impression to anyone who walks in the door.

You may think that any janitorial company will do, however, you may discover that not all companies deliver cleanings that meet the guidelines of your industry. It’s also true that you may need to narrow your choices based on frequency of cleaning, budget, and many more factors. For businesses in Roseville, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Hopkins, Bloomington, and the Twin Cities, here are a few recommendations on finding the right cleaners for you.

3 Tips For Choosing Janitorial Companies in Roseville

At JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems – Twin Cities, we’re acutely familiar with the many factors that might come into consideration when you’re choosing janitorial companies. Here are a few great ways to create a shortlist of options in Roseville:

  • How are cleanings implemented? It’s valuable to understand how cleanings will be implemented on a regular basis, and how a consistent level of clean will be achieved. For example, we always create a customized cleaning plan for each business, and implement cleanings that adhere to this plan. Ask a prospective service if they have checklists, cleaning plans, or other implementation measures.
  • What accountability is in place for cleanings? You want to be sure that a cleaning company can offer guarantees and a strong sense of accountability for each service. As a reference point, we offer the strongest cleaning guarantee in the industry: a promise to address concerns in 1 business day minimum, or your next standard clean will be free. This is just one of our multiple accountability strategies.
  • Do cleans adhere to your industry’s standards? It’s helpful to find out if a janitorial company has standardized cleaning methods that are applied across all industries, or if cleans can be personalized to your industry. With our company in Roseville, we have specific cleaning guidelines depending on your industry, so we can make sure you’re getting the comprehensive clean you need.

When you’re looking for janitorial companies in Roseville, contact JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems – Twin Cities. Call (952) 238-1005 to schedule your first clean.