Janitorial Cleaning in Roseville: The Microfiber Advantage

Posted on November 8, 2017

From elevators to cell phones, developments in technology help us every day, in almost every way. This is especially true in the cleaning industry, where vacuums and disinfectants have had a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the janitorial cleaning services available in Roseville and throughout Minnesota.

At JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems – Twin Cities, we’re always looking for ways to improve the janitorial cleaning services we provide to facilities in Roseville, St. Paul, Hopkins, Minneapolis, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas. That’s why we clean using advanced microfiber cloths and flat mops. These state-of-the-art cleaning supplies allow us to provide Roseville, MN facilities with janitorial services that are safer, more efficient, and more effective, for higher-quality cleaning results overall.

The Advantages of Microfiber for Janitorial Cleaning in Roseville

The difference between traditional cloths and microfiber cloths is the size of the fibers woven together to make up the cloth. While traditional cloths are made up of large fibers with large spaces in between the fibers, the microfiber cloths we use when delivering our janitorial cleaning services in Roseville are woven using fibers 1/16 the size of a human hair. The advantages of these tightly woven fibers include:

  • Antibacterial cleaning. Because of the large fibers that make up the fabric, traditional cloths are only able to collect large particles of dirt and dust. In contrast, microfiber cloths are able to pick up and trap small particles of bacteria, as well as dirt and dust because of their smaller fibers. In fact, studies have shown that where traditional mops are able to remove 30% of bacteria from surfaces, microfiber mops can remove 99% of bacteria for healthier workspaces.
  • More efficient cleaning. While traditional cloths provide cleaning by dragging dirt and dust across surfaces, the microfiber cloths we use when delivering our janitorial services to Roseville-area facilities trap dirt and dust into the weaving of the cloths by being positively charged.
  • More Delicate Cleaning. An added advantage of cleaning using microfiber cloths is that it allows us to provide more delicate janitorial cleaning services to Roseville-area facilities. Instead of dragging dirt and dust and potentially scratching surfaces, by trapping dirt within our cloths, we’re able to provide scratch-free cleaning to glass, mirrors, automobiles, and more.

To learn more about our state-of-the-art janitorial cleaning services for Roseville-area facilities, call JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems – Twin Cities today at (952) 238-1005.