Get Deep Cleaning From Professional Office Cleaning Services in San Antonio

Posted on December 30, 2019

Germs are everywhere, and that’s especially true when people spend long periods of time in an indoor area. In particular, germs flourish in the office place. When one person gets a cough, you may start to notice other people exhibiting symptoms, too. Professional office cleaning services are one way to limit the effects and impact for businesses in San Antonio.

That’s where JAN-PRO® of San Antonio can intervene. In addition to offices, we administer cleaning services in schools, hospitals, daycare facilities, gyms, and other areas where addressing germs is critical. When you bring our team on, we’ll take a similarly thorough approach to cleaning your business.

How We Deliver On The Promise of Professional Office Cleaning in San Antonio

At JAN-PRO of San Antonio, we believe in the deep clean. That means our professional office cleaning services always get into hard-to-reach areas and tough-to-clean spots, leaving your office healthier and more hygienic:

  • A plan built for your business. Whenever we work with a new business, we start by mapping out a cleaning plan that’s created just for your business. With this plan, we can address every room, stairwell, and corridor in your workplace, for robust cleanings everywhere.
  • Targeting areas of high traffic. Certain places in your office are likely to attract higher percentages of dirt, grime, germs, and bacteria. These are spots we can take great care with. Our cleaning plan for your office will incorporate deep cleans of bathrooms, break rooms, and entryways.
  • Evaluating and improving our work. We never rest on the work we do. Instead, we’re always carefully evaluating and tracking cleaning services that we deliver. Through this process, we can offer additional accountability in cleaning, and improve upon processes if needed.

Professional Office Cleaning Services You Can Trust From JAN-PRO of San Antonio

From the start, one of our owner-operators will work closely with you as we set up your services, but an owner-operator will also be there for each and every cleaning. Our services are bonded and insured, even when we’re working after office hours or before. In addition, each of our cleaners must pass highly comprehensive vetting as well as a background check.

You always want to trust that you can rely on your professional office cleaning services. With JAN-PRO of San Antonio, you can be sure that we’ll earn your trust.

Find out when we can set up your first professional office cleaning service. To learn more, call JAN-PRO of San Antonio at (210) 525-1997 now.