School Cleaning Services for the Beaverton Area

Posted on June 27, 2017

Nowhere is it more important to have a clean and disinfected building than in an educational facility. Schools, preschools, and colleges are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. The cleaning services we offer to schools, preschools, and colleges in the Beaverton area can help make sure your facility is completely disinfected in a way that is safe for your students, faculty, and staff.

Custom Cleaning Plans for Colleges, Schools, and Preschools in Beaverton

Whether you run a preschool, a college, or a school in the Beaverton area, we can create a unique cleaning plan for your facility. At JAN-PRO® of Portland, we recognize that while schools in general have similar needs, preschools will have different needs from colleges. Before we begin cleaning, we will meet with you to walk through your facility to create a custom cleaning plan that ensures we address all areas of concern. When cleaning schools in the Beaverton area, we pay special attention to high-touch areas like door handles and sinks where germs and bacteria normally thrive. That way we can eliminate harmful viruses before they spread.

Safe and Secure School Cleaning for Beaverton-Area Schools

At JAN-PRO of Portland, we’ve designed our school cleaning services with student safety in mind. That’s why we never use harsh or harmful chemicals. Our EnviroShield® disinfecting system uses a hospital-grade disinfectant that’s both non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. It protects the safety of the students in your care, all while knocking out 99.9999% of all germs and bacteria on contact. In addition to being safe for your students and the environment, EnviroShield® uses proprietary misting action technology to disinfect hard-to-reach and hard-to-clean surfaces like curtains, carpets and computer keyboards.

Our concern for the safety and security of the students in Beaverton-area schools goes beyond the cleaning products and systems we use. Maintaining the security of your facility is extremely important, especially when you have young people in your care. That’s why our cleaning teams always wear full uniforms and easy-to-spot nametags when on-site. You’ll be able to identify JAN-PRO cleaning teams right away to help maintain the security of your school.

Our cleaning services are available for schools, preschools, and colleges in Beaverton, Gresham, Portland, and throughout the surrounding communities. Contact JAN-PRO of Portland today at (503) 620-3881 for a free estimate for your educational facility.