Daycare Cleaning Services for the Hillsboro Area

Posted on June 27, 2017

As a childcare provider, you are in charge of creating a safe and nurturing space where young minds can develop and grow. Being in charge of some of Hillsboro’s littlest and most vulnerable members, it is essential that your facility is clean and germ free. The daycare cleaning services we provide can help ensure your Hillsboro-area daycare meets the highest cleaning standards to protect the children in your care.

We offer hospital-grade cleaning products and techniques to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses including MRSA and H1N1. Our EnviroShield® disinfection system uses an eco-friendly disinfectant that knocks out 99.9999% of germs on contact. The disinfectant is also completely non-toxic, so it’s safe for the little ones in your care.

Customized Cleaning Services for Hillsboro-Area Daycare Centers

We understand that your daycare is a unique space, specially designed to help develop the great thinkers and change makers of tomorrow. That’s why when you choose the daycare cleaning services from JAN-PRO® of Portland, we create a unique cleaning plan specific to your daycare’s needs. We go through your daycare area by area to ensure that each square inch is disinfected and germ free. We pay special attention to high-touch areas like sinks, flush-handles, door handles, and towel dispensers where bacteria normally thrive. We are also extremely conscious of the dangers of cross contamination. We actively work against cross contamination by color coding our clothes and mops so that the supplies we use in the bathroom are never used in the other areas of your daycare.

Secure Daycare Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO of Portland

We understand that when working with young children safety and security is of paramount concern. This is why we wear full uniforms whenever we’re on site as well as easy-to-spot nametags. That way you can be sure to maintain the security of your daycare and the children you protect.

Our hands-on owner/operators have gone through an intensive 5-week training and testing program to ensure they are experts in the state-of-the-art cleaning systems and products we use. We are a team of dedicated professionals proud to provide expert commercial cleaning services to Hillsboro-area daycares.

Contact JAN-PRO of Portland today at (503) 620-3881 to find out more about the daycare cleaning services we provide in Hillsboro, Beaverton and throughout the Portland area.