Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Pittsburgh Can Mean Big Money

Posted on November 12, 2019

For any new business owner, starting a new company comes with tremendous risk and reward alike. But franchising can help you save on the risks while increasing the rewards. That’s especially true when it comes to cleaning contracts with JAN-PRO® of Greater Pittsburgh and NE Ohio.

Let’s take a look at how franchising can help your business flourish on your own terms.

3 Benefits of Our Cleaning Contracts in Pittsburgh

Commercial cleaning is an industry that promises plenty of opportunity. A $78 billion industry annually, it’s only growing each year. But when you’re starting a new business, you’re often enduring the challenges and growing pains that can shut you off from growth. It’s why franchising can make such an enormous difference in the success of your company:

  • Staying in competition. Unfortunately, most new businesses fail in their first few years. But that’s simply not true for franchisees. In fact, the vast majority of franchised companies are statistically likely to be thriving even seven years after opening.
  • Expert input. As a new business owner, every lesson learned can come at a tremendous cost. But as a franchisee with our company, you’ll have access to the lessons we’ve learned over the years, so you can avoid the common pitfalls made by first-time entrepreneurs.
  • Getting the resources you need. Our company makes it easy to start up and scale up in Pittsburgh. That’s because we offer a start-up package that includes training, equipment, and more, as well as commercial cleaning contracts from the get-go.

How We Help You Keep Cleaning Contracts in Pittsburgh

JAN-PRO of Greater Pittsburgh and NE Ohio works with businesses that require cleaning services throughout Pittsburgh, West Mifflin, Cranberry, Washington, Wexford, Monroeville, and Bethel Park PA. We’ll not only help you secure cleaning contracts—we’ll help you to keep them:

  • A higher standard of clean. Companies that hire our business know they can expect rigorous cleaning standards. With our JAN-PRO Tracker® system, we offer comprehensive cleanliness standards and accountability measures to help your business deliver.
  • A focus on customer service. The average cleaning service is most likely to lose customers based on quality of cleaning or customer service. By supplying cleaning contracts to your business in Pittsburgh, we make sure you can focus on what matters: maintaining your existing customers.

Learn more about the benefits of franchising with JAN-PRO of Greater Pittsburgh and NE Ohio. Call (412) 928-3201 to ask about our cleaning contracts, franchising opportunities, and more.