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To achieve a higher grade of clean for your school, you need a team that understands your school’s specific cleaning needs. When you choose JAN-PRO, your school cleaning services will be led by a JAN-PRO owner-operator who has been certified in today’s top school cleaning processes and strategies. Whether you run a grade school, high school, college, university, or trade school, JAN-PRO school cleaning services will keep your classrooms clean, your hallways hygienic, and your students protected.

Detailed School Cleaning Services for Ideal Results in Pittsburgh


We believe that school cleaning services should defend schools and learning centers against the spread of infectious diseases and harmful pathogens. That’s why we’re proud to offer wall-to-wall disinfection with EnviroShield®, our exclusive disinfection system. This exclusive disinfection system has received the EPA’s highest rating for safety and treats all types of surfaces that could harbor germs, from computer keyboards to carpets and furniture.

To offer an ideal clean for your school, we don’t stop at disinfection. Our school cleaning service also includes professional floor cleaning, meticulous restroom cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning methods, and indoor air filtration.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Professional floor cleaning

Our professional floor cleaning tools give your facility a solid foundation, whether it contains carpet, tile, hardwood, cement, or a mix of these.

Meticulous restroom cleaning

Bathrooms are often ground zero for person-to-person germ transfer, which is why we take a detailed approach to restroom cleaning that focuses on high-touch surfaces.

Eco-friendly cleaning methods

Our green cleaning services protect the environment while promoting the health and safety of your students. Most importantly, our eco-friendly cleaning formulas don’t produce any harsh chemical odors or toxic residues that could harm young learners.

Indoor air filtration

We utilize state-of-the-art HEPA filter vacuums that reduce levels of indoor air pollution and prevent irritating respiratory issues caused by an abundance of airborne dust and dander. This allows your students and teachers to enjoy a breath of fresh air when they enter your school.

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