5 Reasons to Start a Cleaning Business in Philadelphia

Posted on March 13, 2019

Do you want to become a business owner, but worry about your ability to succeed? At JAN-PRO® of Philadelphia, our franchise plans enable you to start a cleaning business while enjoying our support and the recognition of our brand. We have franchise options available in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and the surrounding areas. As a franchisee, you’ll finally be able to benefit from business ownership without the stress that comes with going it alone.

Benefits Our Franchisees in Philadelphia Experience

Purchasing a JAN-PRO franchise unlocks a number of benefits. Take a look at just a few of the reasons our franchisees have chosen to partner with our team at JAN-PRO of Philadelphia to start a cleaning business:

  1. We offer flexible franchise plans and comfortable growth. Our affordable franchise options allow you to expand at your own pace. You won’t be pressured to take on new clients, and you can even start out your home-based business in a part-time capacity. When you’re ready to move on to full-time work, you can count on us to be there to help you grow.
  2. We enable you to enter a thriving industry without previous experience. All you need to succeed is a solid work ethic and a commitment to providing your customers with exceptional services. In turn, you’ll benefit from being part of a recession-resistant industry that’s experiencing rampant growth.
  3. We give you the support that you need throughout your journey. Your franchise purchase includes a start-up package with access to our branded processes, education in our systems and procedures, and cleaning accounts. Plus, we’ll continue to provide you with mentorship and administrative support as you grow, helping you build a sustainable business.
  4. We relieve you of the stress of sales. Owning your own business often requires you to be skilled at sales. However, our franchisees aren’t burdened by the responsibility of selling. Instead of worrying about finding new customers, you’ll be able to focus on keeping your current clients satisfied.
  5. We allow you to provide services backed by our reputation. Nation-wide, people recognize the JAN-PRO brand and associate it with excellence. Not only will you benefit from our strong brand reputation, but you’ll benefit from our heightened standards in cleanliness and customer service.

Call JAN-PRO of Philadelphia today at (215) 793-0411 to learn more about how you can start a cleaning business in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and the surrounding areas.