Stadium Cleaning Procedures 

Posted on August 31, 2023

With Ohio being home to major league professional sports teams, numerous sports legends, and a dedicated fan base, stadiums draw crowds when the sports season starts. However, while this typically means a thriving business for you as an arena manager, high foot traffic also implies an overwhelming stadium cleaning before and after each game. 

With thousands of avid sports fans tracking in unwanted soils, spilling their snacks and drinks while watching the game, or using your facilities less respectfully than you want them to, cleaning an entire stadium can take hours. Your in-house staff or stadium cleaning services must follow specific procedures to get the job done efficiently. 

On that note, here are some stadium cleaning procedures worth adding to your to-do list to maintain your colossal arena as effortlessly as possible. 

Trash Disposal and Surface Cleaning 

Before diving into more intricate cleaning tasks, it’s best to eliminate trash and clutter first. Have your team pick up litter from all stadium areas and empty overflowing trash bins. 

With that said, collecting cups, food wrappers, and snack leftovers one by one can take a lot of time, so using a blower is one strategy to speed up the process. Start at the top of the stadium, blow all trash toward the bottom, and have the pile picked up by an industrial sweeper. 

It’s also practical to assign teams to clear different areas, so you cover everything, from your entrance gates and walkways to the seating areas and restrooms. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces 

Recent times have heightened the importance of meticulous disinfection. Once you’ve taken care of all trash and clutter, designate the same teams to clean and disinfect their respective areas. Some tasks you want them to perform include dusting elevated surfaces, vacuuming corridors, and reaching nooks and crannies that tend to collect dirt. 

You also want to pay special attention to high-touch surfaces throughout your arena. From handrails and doorknobs to concession stands and restrooms, each surface deserves attention. 

For best results, provide your team with EPA-approved disinfectants and schedule routine disinfection rounds. Taking a proactive approach to sanitizing frequently touched surfaces helps you safeguard the health of your patrons. 

Seating Area Care and Maintenance 

Your seating areas are regularly exposed to various elements and abuse, from the dirt and germs fans can carry with them to the sticky messes created by spilled drinks or food.

It may not be practical to wipe down your seats by hand, so it’s best to consider using a pressure washer to hose your seating areas down without missing any spots. Your in-house team or stadium cleaning services can then use special vacuums to extract the excess water and leave the seats clean and dry. 

Finally, to ensure your patrons’ comfort and health, use industrial-strength disinfectants to kill germs effectively. 

Seating areas are the core of the experience you provide to fans. Including seating area care and maintenance in your stadium cleaning procedures ensures your guests’ comfort and enjoyment throughout your live events.  

Cleaning Restrooms and Locker Rooms 

With thousands of people using your arena’s restrooms during any given event, it’s crucial that you include them in your post-game cleaning procedures. The floors must be mopped, and the walls wiped down. Moreover, the toilets, urinals, sinks, and counters need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Finally, essential supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, and soap must be replenished regularly. 

Your cleaning professionals must pay the same level of attention to the players’ locker rooms. Keeping showers and changing areas clean and thoroughly disinfected lets you extend the pleasant experience you offer your guests to the teams playing in your venue. 

Provide the Most Memorable Experience to Fans With a Spotless Stadium

Fans want to enjoy their favorite game without worrying about the cleanliness of your stadium. With that said, regular stadium cleaning is a massive undertaking requiring a systematic approach, specific skills, proven cleaning and disinfecting agents, and modern equipment.

To ensure your arena is cleaned and maintained correctly, consider enlisting the services of a commercial cleaning company like JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting. Its certified cleaning franchisees have undergone training on industry-specific cleaning, enabling them to address your venue’s unique cleaning challenges. Best of all, they use electrostatic sprayers, hospital-grade disinfectants, and other proven cleaning solutions to ensure consistent cleaning. 

Gain confidence in knowing your arena is protected against grime and germs, and let your guests enjoy your events without worry. Get in touch with the certified cleaning franchisee in Northeast Ohio to schedule your stadium cleaning services.