School Cleaning Service in Cleveland: Reduce the Spread of Germs

Posted on June 25, 2019

Schools, universities, day care centers, and other types of learning centers must be particularly careful about reducing the risk of person-to-person germ transfer in their facilities. A school cleaning service in Cleveland, OH, such as JAN-PRO® of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo, can ensure your school is a safe and sanitary environment and will work to protect the health and well-being of your students and staff members. Our team of professional cleaners works with schools throughout the Cleveland area, including neighboring areas in NE Ohio, to provide them with in-depth results that halt the spread of illness-causing pathogens. Keep reading for details about the techniques we use to keep infectious diseases at bay in densely populated facilities such as schools.

Our School Cleaning Service’s Expert Techniques

The process of eliminating germs consists of several steps. Here’s a brief overview of the procedures we include as part of our school cleaning services:

  • Physical removal of dirt, germs, and grime. Cleaning is the act of physically removing impurities from surfaces using detergent and water to lift and wash them away. While this process doesn’t kill bacteria, it does reduce the number of germs present on a surface, and thus lowers the risk that pathogens will spread from person to person.
  • Elimination of bacteria and viruses. Our EnviroShield® disinfection system kills 99% of germs on contact with an EPA-approved formula and state-of-the-art misting applicator. This system can even treat hard-to-clean nooks and crannies, and awkwardly shaped surfaces such as computer keyboards and door handles.
  • Focus on frequently touched surfaces. Items that are touched by numerous people on a day-to-day basis are the ideal location for the spread of germs, which is why our cleaning and disinfection processes prioritize these types of surfaces.
  • Prevention of cross-contamination. Careful measures must be taken to prevent dirty cleaning materials from touching freshly cleaned spaces. We’ve implemented a color-coded system for our microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads so pathogens aren’t able to spread from germ-ridden areas like restrooms to other spaces in your school.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of careful cleaning and disinfection at your educational facility? Call JAN-PRO of Greater Cleveland-Akron-Toledo today at (440) 605-9000 to hear more about our school cleaning service by requesting a free consultation in Cleveland or a nearby community in the NE Ohio area.