Why You Need Professional Help When Cleaning Commercial Tile Floors

Posted on January 30, 2024

Keeping your business’s tile floors clean may be low on your priority list. After all, can’t you just mop the floors at the end of the night and be done with it? 

In reality, thoroughly cleaning commercial tile is a task that involves expertise, strategy, and the right equipment. Neglecting professional attention for your tile floors could lead to mold and bacterial build-up, shorten the lifespan of your tile floor, and pose a range of other concerns. 

Continue reading to learn why you need professional help when cleaning commercial tile floors. 

Why Is Commercial Tile Cleaning So Important? 

As a business owner, you probably agree that the cleanliness of your facilities is crucial to your business’s reputation and overall success. So what makes commercial tile cleaning more important than other cleaning tasks? 

Tiles and grout are very porous materials, allowing them to absorb dirt and grime easily. These contaminants seep in over time, building up and leading to the accumulation of mold and bacteria.

Combining the porous nature of ceramic tiles with the amount of foot traffic your business sees every day is a recipe for contamination. While regular mopping and sweeping will clean your tiles at the surface level, it won’t penetrate through the dirt and grime to truly sanitize your flooring against this ongoing dirt and germ build-up. 

If you look closely at your tile, you’ll probably see that it is discolored and that the grout is much darker than it originally was. This indicates that your tiles need professional cleaning. 

Neglecting tile cleaning will cause this dirt and grime to continue accumulating, impacting your business’s sanitation and safety. 

Reasons To Hire Professionals for Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commercial tile cleaning isn’t a DIY task. Instead, you should hire professionals who have extensive tile-cleaning experience, knowledge of the best methods and procedures, and the equipment and cleaning products to penetrate dirt and debris without harming your tile. 

These are the most significant reasons to hire professionals for commercial tile cleaning: 

Prevent Damage to Your Floors 

Deep cleaning commercial tile requires heavy-duty cleaning agents and equipment. But using the wrong supplies when cleaning these floors could crack or damage the tile, creating an expensive problem. 

Professional tile cleaners know the precise techniques necessary to penetrate dirt and grime while protecting the integrity of the tile. They will use these techniques to remove all dirt, bacteria, and debris, creating a sparkling, clean tile that is ready to withstand years of use in your high-traffic business. 

Improve Floor Safety for Employees and Visitors

Commercial tile floors need to be free from cracks, divots, and holes to promote the safety of your employees and visitors. They also need to have enough traction to prevent people from slipping. 

However, without the proper maintenance, tiles can sustain damage that makes them unsafe to walk on. The tile can chip and crack, leaving rough areas that can easily catch a client’s shoe when they’re walking into your business. 

If a visitor is injured in your business, you may be liable for medical treatment and other expenses. Enlisting commercial cleaners to keep your tile in the best condition can help prevent accidents. 

The best commercial cleaners will point out any chips or cracks in the tile before scrubbing and polishing it, allowing you to take care of them before someone gets hurt. 

Besides, the non-slip surface on tiles can wear down over time, making your tile flooring slippery. Your cleaners can apply an anti-slip treatment as the final step in your tile floor cleaning to improve traction and grip. 

Eliminate Germs and Bacteria

One of the main reasons to deep clean your commercial tile floors is to eliminate germs and bacteria that build up over time. While traditional cleaning solutions can remove dirt and germs from the surface of the tile, they can’t penetrate deeper into the porous surface to remove contaminants that have become absorbed over time. 

Professional cleaners use specialized equipment and cleaning chemicals to remove years of dirt build-up from tiles. After a professional tile cleaning, your business will look and feel more sanitary, and customers will instantly notice a difference when they walk through your doors. 

Extend the Lifespan of the Tile

Without regular cleanings, dirt and debris can cause the tile to deteriorate, leading to various forms of damage. Scheduling professional cleanings regularly can help extend the lifespan of the tile, saving you money. 

Ceramic tile floors can last upwards of 100 years with the proper care and maintenance. Without regular cleanings, they may begin deteriorating after 10 or 20 years, ultimately requiring replacement much earlier than their intended lifespan. 

New tile flooring costs up to $25 per square foot for materials and installation. Even if your business is only 1,000 square feet in area, that’s $25,000 you’ll need to spend on new flooring. In contrast, scheduling a commercial tile cleaning every semester or year is significantly cheaper, potentially delaying new installation by several decades. 

Restore Tiles to Their Original Appearance 

When brand new, floor tiles look sleek, shiny, and clean, adding to your business’s professional image. But after years of dirt and debris accumulation, tiles begin looking dingy, and the bright, light color fades to a dirty yellow or brown. 

Many business owners don’t notice the drastic change in appearance between brand-new tile and years-old ceramic flooring until they schedule professional cleaning. Cleaning and polishing your floor tiles is an easy way to instantly elevate your business’s appearance, creating a higher-quality reputation for customers. 

Your tiles can look just as bright and clean as they did the day after their installation, and you’ll save a significant amount of money compared to installing new tiles. 

Save You Time 

Ultimately, enlisting a professional cleaning company for tile cleaning can save you time. You don’t have to worry about gathering the right equipment and supplies, using the right techniques to clean the tiles, and putting in the elbow grease to remove layers of dirt and debris.

Instead, you can pass the responsibility off to professionals who can clean more efficiently. You’ll be able to enjoy pristine tile floors in no time without wasting any time or energy getting them that way. 

The Professional Tile Cleaning Process 

tile floor

When cleaning commercial tiles, professionals perform several steps to prepare the tiles for cleaning, strip away layers of dirt and grime, leave the surface spotless, and protect against future wear and tear. These are the steps a professional cleaning company follows to deep-clean ceramic tiles and grout:

  1. Sweep or vacuum the tiles: The commercial tile cleaners remove any loose debris and dirt from the tiles and grout, leaving behind a bare surface to apply the liquid cleaners. 
  2. Apply the cleaning solution: The cleaners then apply a liquid cleaning agent that breaks through dirt and grime, helping to loosen it up. They also apply specialized cleaner along the grout, letting both solutions sit for five to 10 minutes. 
  3. Scrub the grout lines: The cleaners use tile and grout brushes to agitate any set-in dirt in the grout, restoring dirty grout to its original light color. 
  4. Mop the tiles: After the cleaning agents have had time to penetrate the dirt and grime, cleaners use heavy-duty mops to scrub the tile and free debris. 
  5. Rinse the tiles and grout: Professional cleaners use plain water to rinse away the brushed-out dirt and debris from the tiles, then use microfiber mops to absorb excess water. 
  6. Apply final treatment: At your request, the cleaners can apply non-slip and stain-resistant treatments to protect the tiles long-term and improve traction. 
  7. Dry the tiles: The cleaners may allow the tiles to air dry or use industrial-grade box fans to streamline the drying process. No one should step on the tiles until they are completely dry. 

This process can remove years of bacteria and grime from your ceramic tiles and protect them for years to come. 

Contact JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting for Professional Tile Cleaning 

All in all, cleaning commercial tile is a task best left to professionals. Certified franchisees from JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting offer top-tier tile cleaning services, no matter the size of your business or the state of your ceramic tiles. 

Whether you need help cleaning and disinfecting the workspace or just need a one-time tile cleaning service, certified franchisees can meet your business’s specialized cleaning and sanitation needs.

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