The Importance of Regular Cleaning in Office Spaces: Key Tips and Tricks

Posted on July 15, 2023

As a business owner, you naturally want to keep your office space tidy and sparkling clean to keep your employees safe and motivated. The thing is, a workplace occupied by many workers and frequented by visitors is bound to become dirty and disorganized throughout the day. 

With employees busy with their own tasks, it can also be easy for dust buildup on desks, overflowing trash bins, and spilled coffee to be ignored. Unfortunately, overlooking even the simplest cleaning tasks can allow dirt, germs, and disorganization to take over your workplace. This is especially true for companies that have yet to hire professional cleaning services for office spaces. 

Cleaning Standards for Office Buildings And Why They’re Important

Businesses set different cleaning standards for their premises depending on the nature of their operations, the size of their physical space, and other specific needs. For example, smaller offices may delegate cleaning duties among the team and only hire deep cleaning services as necessary. 

Meanwhile, larger commercial offices may follow a more structured cleaning approach. Some may also opt for green cleaning solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve a more environmentally friendly business.   

Regardless of these varying cleaning standards for office buildings, the goal remains: to maintain a clean, organized, and inviting workspace. A comprehensive cleaning plan and consistent schedule keep any office from becoming disorganized, unsanitary, and unsafe. 

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist: 6 Key Tips and Tricks 

1. Create a Clean Office Culture 

With or without cleaning services for office spaces, make sure to include cleanliness in your company culture. Help employees understand that part of their roles as members of the organization is to be tidy with their workplace. Ensure you model the behavior you expect of them. 

Getting everyone involved in maintaining cleanliness inside your office makes keeping the workplace clean and organized much easier. 

2. Promote Responsibility for Cleaning Individual Spaces 

Another practical tip to include in your commercial office cleaning checklist is encouraging your employees to keep their desks clutter-free and organized. Discourage the accumulation of unnecessary items in their workspace throughout the day, and remind the team to tidy up their desks before they head out the door at the end of their shift. 

Fostering clean desk habits such as organizing paperwork and wiping dust off the table can contribute to a cleaner, more visually appealing work environment. 

3. Make Cleaning Supplies Available and Accessible

Creating a culture of cleanliness and setting guidelines for your employees to follow will be useless if they don’t have access to the supplies they need. As such, ensure your office is stocked with fundamental cleaning supplies like paper towels, disinfectant wipes, microfiber cloths, brooms and dustpans, mops, and trash bags. 

More importantly, keep these in a well-known, easily accessible location to make it easy for everyone to clean up after themselves. 

4. Empty Trash Bins Everyday

An overflowing trash bin can be a nuisance to your employees and off-putting to clients and visitors. Fortunately, taking the trash out at the end of each workday can help you keep your office looking good and smelling fresh. Doing so prevents rubbish from sitting overnight and becoming a nasty problem the next day. 

5. Pay Special Attention to High-Touch Surfaces 

Certain areas in the office harbor more dirt and germs because of their frequent use. High-touch surfaces include doorknobs, light switches, shared electronic devices, and kitchen appliances. 

As you clean your office, make sure these surfaces and items receive regular attention to reduce the risk of spreading germs and illness inside your workplace. 

6. Hire Professional Cleaning Services for Office Buildings

While a tidy office can be achieved through collective effort, bringing in professional office cleaners in Upstate NY makes sense if you want a thorough and consistent clean. Commercial cleaning experts have the expertise and equipment to tackle even your most challenging tasks at your preferred schedule or frequency.   

Your employees can only do so much when it comes to cleaning your office. Consider bringing in certified office cleaners to keep your workplace clean, organized, and welcoming – and allow your team to focus on their daily tasks. 

Let Expert Office Cleaners in Upstate NY Complement Your Daily Efforts 

Fostering a clean company culture and encouraging your team to clean their personal work areas are excellent ways to achieve a spotless office. However, it helps to remember that your employees are there to handle tasks that drive your business forward. Maintaining a tidy workplace doesn’t have to sacrifice your team’s time and energy. 

Let your team focus on what they do best by hiring reputable office cleaners in Upstate NY. With cleaning professionals complementing your team’s daily efforts and handling your regular and deep cleaning needs, you can create a healthier and more productive workplace.  

Ready to transform your office into a pristine and inviting workplace? Get in touch with a JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified franchisee to discover how they can meet your specific needs and elevate your cleaning standards.