Essential Office Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Workspace in Upstate NY

Posted on June 2, 2023

Essential Office Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Workspace in Upstate NY

A clean, clutter-free workplace promotes productivity. However, if you run a massive office, you know how quickly it can become filthy and disorganized, with numerous employees working, walking around, and getting things done. 

It’s worth stressing that proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial to a business’s success. Maintaining a tidy workplace using proven office cleaning tips makes creating a welcoming environment for your clients and boosting your employees’ productivity easier.  Ultimately, it can help you retain investors and enhance your company’s image. 

If those benefits sound like what your business needs, we offer practical office cleaning tips below to help you get started today. 

1. Encourage Your Team To Take Care of Their Workspace

Helping your team appreciate the importance of maintaining a tidy workplace is one way to get started in cleaning and maintaining your office. You want you and the whole staff to work toward the same goal, and outlining how you expect them to clean up after themselves can help. 

If you aren’t sure how to begin, here are some simple tasks to assign to your employees: 

  • Dusting keyboards and wiping monitor screens 
  • Arranging documents 
  • Placing files in their appropriate drawers 
  • Wiping conference tables after use. 

Enjoining each of your staff members to take responsibility for cleaning their own areas can put you on the right track toward a tidy, functional office. 

2. Declutter As Often As You Can Daily 

One counterproductive habit employees can develop is piling up items on their desks, thinking they’ll all be needed at some point. However, this will only lead to more files and office supplies lying around the desk – and an overwhelming clutter forming just around the corner. 

To avoid this, encourage your employees to constantly determine if the items on their desks are indeed useful within the next few hours. If not, advise them to keep things in their appropriate drawers and, more importantly, return them after use. 

3. Clean From Top to Bottom

Working your way down is a smart way to clean your office. Start by cleaning any room’s highest surfaces, such as its walls, ledges, and ceilings. Dust corners and edges at the top, then work your way down to your windows and furniture. 

Once done with shelves, desks, chairs, and other office furniture, finish with the floors. Vacuum your floor mats, carpets, and rugs before mopping hard floors. This systematic approach stops dust and grime from landing on previously cleaned surfaces. 

4. Invest in the Right Cleaning Equipment 

If you’re serious about office cleaning in Rochester, NY, it’s essential that you have the right cleaning supplies to get the job done. You want to ensure you have the basics: brooms, dustpans, dusters, mops, and vacuum cleaners. Carpet cleaners are another wise purchase, especially if you need to improve indoor air quality and keep your office dust-free. 

That said, remember to keep your supplies in an easily accessible place. It is easier for your staff to clean up after themselves if your cleaning items are within reach. 

5. Establish a Regular Cleaning Schedule 

Creating a consistent cleaning schedule is vital to keeping your office clean and organized. Routine cleaning allows you to not only cover most, if not all, workplace areas but also pay special attention to high-touch surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. 

If you intend to designate cleaning tasks for your employees, outline their responsibilities. Establishing clear guidelines for how you want them to complete their duties also helps ensure your workplace is adequately cleaned. 

6. Accept the Need for Professional Office Cleaning Services

One of the many reasons companies avoid using professional office cleaning companies is because they think it could be expensive to do so. However, the losses you may incur from increased absenteeism caused by an unhygienic workspace are often greater than the costs of enlisting professional office cleaning in Rochester, NY. 

Additionally, maintaining a tidy, organized office is a complex task. When your staff is busy with their primary responsibilities, they can only do so much to keep your work environment clean. Hiring certified cleaners is a cost-effective and practical solution to ensure your workplace is pristine, functional, and comfortable for everyone. 

Get the Office Cleaning Services You Need To Run a Clean and Clutter-Free Workplace

Following these office cleaning tips can get you started on the right track. However, if you know it’s time to get expert help, remember that you deserve services tailored to your unique needs. Whatever industry you may be in, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting has certified cleaning franchisees in Upstate NY equipped to meet and exceed your requirements. 

Leave office cleaning to qualified office cleaning companies, and let your employees focus on what they do best. Contact (585) 302-2739 to discover how.