What to Expect from Our Janitorial Services in New Orleans

Posted on June 28, 2017

Finding a trustworthy janitorial service in the New Orleans area can be challenging. How can you be sure a potential janitorial service has the equipment and expertise needed to tackle your workplace’s specific cleaning challenges? Furthermore, how can you ensure that the hundredth cleaning a janitorial service delivers to your New Orleans-area business will be just as thorough as the first?

At JAN-PRO® of Southeast Louisiana, our years of providing spotless janitorial services to businesses in the New Orleans area have taught us exactly what goes into making a reliable cleaning company. To help you find the best janitorial service for your New Orleans-area business, we’ve outlined two of the main aspects to consider when evaluating a potential cleaning service.

Janitorial Services That Understand Your New Orleans-Area Business’s Needs

Different janitorial services in the New Orleans area will often take very different approaches to cleaning the exact the same facility. While some janitorial services might use the same cleaning method for every business they clean, this approach will often leave cleaners without the systems needed to tackle your business’s specific cleaning challenges.

Finding a cleaner that uses industry-specific cleaning methods will ensure your business is cleaned by knowledgeable professionals with the methods needed to tackle your facility’s toughest cleaning challenges. At JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana, for example, our hands-on owner/operators have gone through an intensive training and testing program certifying them in specific cleaning methods for each industry we clean. We’ve got the knowledge and equipment needed to leave medical centers, warehouses, day care centers, and everything in between completely spotless.

Services That Provide Measurable Cleaning Results

When evaluating a potential janitorial service for your New Orleans-area business, one of the most overlooked factors is also one of the most important. Be sure to ask a potential cleaner about the systems they have in place to measure their cleaning results. Any reliable cleaner will have a set of standards they measure their cleaning results against, as well as systems in place to track the cleaning they deliver. Finding a janitorial service with these standards and systems will ensure each cleaning they provide to your New Orleans-area business is thorough and consistent.

To find out more about choosing a reliable janitorial service in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or throughout Southeast Louisiana, call JAN-PRO® of Southeast Louisiana today at (504) 434-3949.