Cleaning Services for More Productive Offices in New Orleans

Posted on November 7, 2017

When you run an office, making sure your workers stay on task and meet deadlines is always a priority. While performance reviews and worker incentives are both great ways to increase your workers’ productivity, another solution is to partner with a cleaning service that will make sure your New Orleans-area office is always spotless, fresh, and shining.

If you’ve ever worked in a dark, smelly, or grimy office, you know firsthand how quickly an unappealing office environment can decrease morale and lead to fatigue. In fact, recent studies have shown that providing workers with a clean, odor-free, and bright workplace can increase productivity by up to 16%, turning an investment in office cleaning services into an investment in your New Orleans, LA business.

New Orleans’ Spotless Office Cleaning Services

At JAN-PRO® of Southeast Louisiana, we’re committed to providing cleaning services that leave offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and throughout Southeast Louisiana with professional, productive, and pristine cleaning results. We clean using some of our industry’s most advanced cleaning systems and cleaning techniques specifically developed for professional office environments. With these advanced methods on our side, we’re able to provide the highest-quality results at each and every cleaning.

On top of providing a higher grade of clean to offices in the New Orleans, LA area, just a few of the other ways our cleaning services help keep workplaces productive include:

  • Reducing workplace absences. Your workers calling in sick unexpectedly can have huge effects on your workplace’s productivity. By using custom cleaning plans, we help keep workers healthy by targeting surfaces within your New Orleans-area office where bacteria might grow and spread to your workers.
  • Minimizing distractions. With our flexible cleaning schedules, we make it possible for you to schedule our cleaning services during your office’s down times, keeping distractions to a minimum during busy work hours.
  • Decreasing noise pollution. If our cleaning services ever do overlap with the work hours at your New Orleans-area office, we help keep your workers on task by using quiet-cleaning vacuums. These vacuums decrease noise pollution within offices and are built to be worn on our backs for minimal distraction.

To learn more about how our cleaning services can help keep the workers at your New Orleans-area office productive, call JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana today at (504) 434-3949.