How Our Professional Office Cleaning Service in Baton Rouge Sets A Higher Standard

Posted on December 30, 2019

When you’re looking for professional office cleaning services in Baton Rouge, you don’t just want to settle for the first option you come across. You’ll likely want to find a company that can offer deep and rigorous cleanings, as well as measures to ensure reliability and accountability.

That’s what you’ll get with JAN-PRO® of Southeast Louisiana. We take careful steps throughout the cleaning process in order to bring every cleaning up to our rigorous brand standards. With our professional office cleaning services in and around Baton Rouge, we’re always striving to set a higher standard for cleanings.

3 Ways We Bring a Professional Office Cleaning Service To Baton Rouge

When we talk about a higher standard for professional office cleaning services in Baton Rouge, we look at how to implement deep cleanings that are comprehensive, reliable, and highly powerful. Here are a few of the many ways JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana accomplishes that:

  • We define our approach with robust brand standards. The JAN-PRO Signature Clean® is the approach that shapes our cleaning services. Our highly exacting brand standards set out practices and protocols that allow us to deliver exceptional and thorough cleans.
  • We use high-powered products and technology. With JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana, you’ll see the benefit of our exclusive JAN-PRO Technics®. These proprietary cleaning products are what we use to rigorously clean, sanitize, and improve indoor conditions.
  • We evaluate the work we do on a frequent basis. We’re always striving to improve your cleaning services. In fact, we use our JAN-PRO Tracker® program to evaluate our work frequently. This program includes extensive measures such as 50-point inspections to get the job done.

Professional Office Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge That You Can Count On

Trusting your professional office cleaning service is crucial. When you use JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana, you’ll see that we always take steps to provide complete accountability in our work and our team. An owner-operator is present during any cleanings in Baton Rouge. Our cleaning staff is thoroughly vetted, and must pass background checks.

In addition to those steps, we stay accountable by creating a highly comprehensive cleaning plan for the businesses we serve. This plan defines the parameters of each cleaning we administer, so you’ll always have a clear sense of how we’re deep cleaning your office. You can count on our services and our team to get it right.

Need professional office cleaning services for your business? To speak to one of our owner-operators in Baton Rouge, call JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana at (504) 434-3949.