How Commercial Cleaning Contracts in New Orleans Offer Big Business

Posted on February 14, 2020

If you want to start a commercial cleaning service, you likely already know the significant potential of this industry. As more businesses choose to discard the traditional model of an in-house janitor, and instead hire a cleaning service to fulfill this function, there are a growing number of commercial cleaning contracts now available in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana.

As one of the biggest cleaning companies in the area, JAN-PRO® of Southeast Louisiana are aware of the tremendous potential. We offer hands-on support to franchisees who are looking to get their business of the ground in New Orleans, providing cleaning contracts, training assistance, and more. Let’s look a little deeper at the possibilities of this industry.

3 Perks of Commercial Cleaning Contracts in New Orleans

When you’re thinking about building up a commercial cleaning company in Southeast Louisiana, here are three perks to keep in mind:

  • A growth industry. Across the country, commercial cleaning services are cornering a higher percentage of the cleaning market each year. In fact, our industry is growing almost 7% each year for the past decade. That can translate into plenty of great prospects for any new business owner.
  • A stable industry.Just as important, commercial cleaning is a fairly stable industry, escaping the boom or bust cycles that typically face most sectors. No matter what the economy looks like, every business needs to maintain basic standards of cleanliness—which is great news for any janitorial service.
  • A business you can control. The combined stability and growth opportunity of the commercial cleaning sector allows you to exercise lots of control on the size, scale, and goals of your business. You can control when you operate, how big your team is, and your plans for the future, independent of the larger demands of the market.

Franchising With JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana

With so much potential in cleaning contracts, what’s the benefit of franchising with an existing cleaning company in New Orleans? When it comes to JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana, franchisees get to skip many of the growing pains and hard lessons that come at the start of any company.

Instead, you can access new business opportunities right away, as well as training that helps you start your business right away. You’ll still retain the freedom and choice of a small business owner. But, you’ll also have the added benefits of our brand visibility and support structures to help you get ahead and find big business.