Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company in Baton Rouge 

Posted on July 17, 2017

Whether your workplace is a daycare center or a shipping center, your business’s first impression is your first chance to impress potential clients and customers. With our commercial cleaning company, JAN-PRO® of Southeast Louisiana, you’ll have complete peace of mind that every inch of your Baton Rouge, LA business is spotless and ready to impress after every cleaning.

Where some commercial cleaning companies in the Baton Rouge area might rely on one-size-fits-all cleaning methods, at JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana, we understand that different areas of your facility require different cleaning techniques. That’s why our cleaning services start by creating an area-by-area cleaning plan tailored specifically to your facility. Below, we’ve outlined just a few of the specialized cleaning techniques we use to ensure every area of your facility is germ-free and shining.

Our Commercial Cleaning Company’s Services

At JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana, our commercial cleaning company keeps Baton Rouge-area businesses spotless from the ground up. We offer day-to-day floor cleaning services as well as intensive cleaning options for virtually any flooring surface. We have the equipment and expertise to leave hardwood, carpet, marble, concrete, and more completely spotless and well-maintained each and every visit.

When it comes to disinfection, we know what works. With our EnviroShield® disinfection system, our commercial cleaning company is able to thoroughly and safely knock out harmful germs and viruses before they spread. EnviroShield® uses a hospital-grade disinfectant and spray-application technology to disinfect areas and surfaces other systems can’t. It works on uneven surfaces in restrooms, such as fixtures and fittings, and can also disinfect porous surfaces, like carpets and curtains. It is even able to disinfect computer keyboards – one of the most highly contagious surfaces in any workplace.

When you choose our commercial cleaning company for your Baton Rouge-area business, we’ll use cleaning techniques designed to address the cleaning challenges specific to your industry. Our owner/operators have gone through a 5-week training program certifying them in cleaning techniques for each industry we clean for. This intensive training includes everything from techniques for safely disinfecting medical offices to the products and equipment needed to tackle the grime, grease, and dirt found in industrial buildings.

To learn more about how our specialized commercial cleaning company can make your Baton Rouge-area business shine, all JAN-PRO of Southeast Louisiana today at (504) 434-3949.