Professional Cleaning Services for Medical Environments

Posted on October 21, 2020

Medical spaces, such as clinics and doctors’ offices, require some of the highest standards in cleanliness to ensure staff and clients stay safe. At JAN-PRO Las Vegas, our cleaning franchisees know what it takes to meet these standards—they use nothing but the most advanced, comprehensive systems across a variety of medical spaces to make sure these environments are as secure as possible. If you need a customized cleaning service performed by thoroughly trained professionals, JAN-PRO Las Vegas is here to provide.

Services Provided

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting’s process starts and ends with rigorous attention to detail, and medical facilities are no exception. Cleaning franchisees are trained in a rigorous program to meet not only our standards, but also AORN, CDC, OSHA, and Joint Commission regulations; they’re also certified in using the products, tools, and practices we require to maintain quality. For medical spaces, in particular, JAN-PRO Las Vegas franchisees adhere to the MEDMETRIX® Office Cleaning Program, which combines superior cleaning and disinfecting standards with medical-grade tools to better protect these areas from pathogens and contamination. From universal cleaning precautions to targeting specific surfaces, franchisees aim only for excellence in keeping medical environments hygienic.

Advanced Tools

Advanced medical cleaning requires advanced tools, and JAN-PRO Las Vegas doesn’t settle for less. Our cleaning franchisees are backed by our ENVIROSHIELD® defense system, which utilizes specialized disinfectant technology designed for cleaning surfaces and areas common in the medical field. They pay special attention to places where germs can more easily hide or are otherwise difficult to clean, like keyboards and fibrous surfaces. Other tools include high-quality backpack vacuums for exhaustive air cleansing, microfiber cloths for better pickup, and more to wipe out 99.99% of pathogens around the medical workspace.

COVID-19 Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect medical offices and centers across the Las Vegas region as well as the world, JAN-PRO Las Vegas continues to monitor the situation and maintain top-level standards in cleanliness and safety. Not only are our cleaning franchisees capable of targeting high-traffic contact areas and surfaces, but the ENVIROSHIELD® system is also known to destroy viruses in similar strains as COVID-19 with maximum efficacy. Even if your workspace is clear of the virus, it isn’t the only pathogen that may pose a risk; ENVIROSHIELD® is here to help stop the spread of illness no matter how innocuous the germs may seem.

JAN-PRO Las Vegas delivers high-class performance in over 40 of the region’s healthcare centers, with many in the Health Care Partners of Nevada system, so we aren’t strangers to tackling medical accounts big and small. Our cleaning franchisee’s expertise extends across offices, clinics, and centers without harming the people inside, so you don’t need to put workers or clients at risk to get your medical facility properly sanitized. For the most thorough and hygienic medical office cleaning services in the Las Vegas area, call JAN-PRO of Las Vegas today at (702) 952-1111.