How An Office Cleaning Checklist in Kansas City Keeps Your Customers and Staff Healthy

Posted on August 29, 2019

Have you considered how your office cleaning checklist is affecting the health and safety of your employees in Kansas City? At JAN-PRO® of Midwest, we assist businesses in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lawrence, Topeka, and the surrounding areas with the task of maintaining a safe, sanitary, and productive work environment. Read on for details about the process of creating a customized office cleaning checklist with our owner-operators.

Crucial Practices for Your Office Cleaning Checklist in Kansas City

If you’re interested in making your workplace a healthier space, all you need to do is give us a call. We’ll start by coming to visit your office for a free consultation. During this in-person meeting, we’ll conduct a walk-through of your business facility in Kansas City and examine the unique cleaning needs of your business. Then, our owner-operators will work with you to design a tailor-made office cleaning checklist that incorporates all the services needed to provide your staff members with an ideal work environment.

Take a look at just a few of the health-boosting services that our team at JAN-PRO of Midwest recommend business offices include on their checklists:

  • Indoor air filtration. Many office managers forget how important it is to maintain healthy indoor air quality at work. Our HEPA filter vacuums will boost your office’s air quality by filtering out particles of dust and dander that could be irritating the respiratory systems of your employees.
  • Wall-to-wall disinfection. Unfortunately, business offices contain a range of frequently touched surfaces and are often an ideal environment for person-to-person germ transfer. We utilize an exclusive disinfection system called EnviroShield® to eliminate 99% of bacteria and viruses on contact, protecting your staff members from dangerous contagions.
  • Green cleaning techniques. There’s no reason to risk the health and safety of your workplace for the sake of cleanliness. Instead, we recommend opting for eco-friendly cleaning methods that fight dirt and grime without the use of toxic chemicals. Our experts reach for green cleaning formulas whenever possible and utilize professional techniques that limit the volume of product needed for high-quality results.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a healthier work environment? Learn more about the services we can include on your office cleaning checklist today by calling JAN-PRO of Midwest at (913) 469-4060 for a free consultation in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lawrence, Topeka, or a nearby community.