Janitorial Business in Columbus: Find Independence & Success

Posted on July 23, 2019

Are you wondering how you can find independence and success as a janitorial business owner? At JAN-PRO® of Columbus, we know that one of the best paths to success in the commercial cleaning industry is to become a JAN-PRO franchisee. We offer franchise plans throughout the Columbus area, including Gahanna, Dublin, Westerville, Worthington, and neighboring communities. Read on to learn how we lend franchisees our business expertise and lessons from our experience to help them thrive as business owners.

Why Open a Janitorial Business in Columbus as a Franchisee?

One of the best parts of being a franchisee is benefiting from a perfected business model that has been shown time and again to generate positive results. It’s this key advantage that has made franchising such a huge industry, representing $2.3 trillion in economic activity.

Since franchises utilize business models that have been proven to work effectively, they tend to stay in business longer. Studies have even shown that franchise businesses have a 70% better survival rate than non-franchise businesses following seven years of operation.

Commercial cleaning is a dynamic segment of the franchise industry that has experienced exceptional growth over the past ten years. Best of all, this industry is remarkably resistant to economic downturns, making it a solid choice for potential business owners who want to reduce the risks of embarking on a business venture.

How We Can Help You Open a Janitorial Business in Columbus

Choosing to purchase a franchise location through JAN-PRO of Columbus gives you access to a number of advantages and a leg up in the commercial cleaning industry. From a business model that has been carefully honed after years of experience to a brand name that customers trust, you’ll be starting your journey as a new business owner on the right foot when you become a franchisee.

You can count on us to provide you with a solid customer base in your local area, as well as access to our branded technologies and systems. Plus, we’ll take you through a comprehensive course in our JAN-PRO Signature Clean® methodology to prepare you to deliver in-depth results for your customers according to our proven procedures.

Experience the benefits of becoming a franchisee with JAN-PRO of Columbus today. Give us a call at (614) 501-3850 to learn more about opening a janitorial business in Columbus, Gahanna, Dublin, Westerville, Worthington, or a nearby town.