How Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Columbus Offer Big Opportunities

Posted on December 3, 2019

When you’re considering your options for a new business, you’ll want to review the economic footprint and potential for a prospective industry. As a $78 billion sector in America, commercial cleaning contracts are a tremendous opportunity for any new business owner in Columbus.

Commercial cleaning has the combined benefits of stability and growth as an industry. Every day, businesses are realizing the cost of hiring a full-time, on-site janitor is simply more cost and more work than outsourcing these services. Even in times of a lean economy, these services are still in demand, unlike residential cleaning, which can experience a drop.

JAN-PRO® of Columbus is looking for new franchisees right now. With cleaning contracts in Dublin, Worthington, Westerville, Gahanna, and Columbus, we can help you get on your feet and scaling your business up in no time.

The Benefits That Come With Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Columbus

Every industry comes with its own unique benefits, and that’s true of janitorial cleaning services as well. Here are a few highlights to know when considering commercial cleaning contracts in Columbus:

  • Easy start-up costs. The lack of high capital costs such as inventory, high-priced equipment, or industrial vehicles makes it easy to absorb the start-up costs of your new cleaning business. You can even maintain an at-home office for ease.
  • Customers that come back. With cleaning services, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a repeat clientele. Companies will typically schedule frequent services throughout the year and in advance, so you’ll have a consistent and stable income to rely on.
  • Significant hiring base. While many cleaners choose to operate on their own, you may find yourself needing to add to your workforce. Fortunately, the entry-level skills needed means you’ll have plenty of affordable prospective hires.

The Franchise Opportunities With JAN-PRO of Columbus

The appeal of starting a new business may be in forging your own path and working on your own terms. As a franchisee, you can do that and more while still maintaining the security and brand backing of a larger company.

With JAN-PRO of Columbus, one of the biggest benefits is that you won’t have to source your own cleaning contracts. Our company does that for you, so you can focus on delivering quality cleaning services that keep your customers satisfied.

You’ll still be able to scale up your company at a pace that works for you. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of building your own business. But you’ll also get the support and resources of our company, too.

Learn more about the benefits of cleaning contracts and franchising with JAN-PRO of Columbus. To contact our team, call (614) 501-3850.