How An Office Cleaning Checklist in Aiken Keeps Your Customers and Staff Healthy

Posted on August 19, 2019

Your office cleaning checklist in Aiken should include in-depth processes that promote workplace hygiene and boost the health and safety of both your clients and your staff members. At JAN-PRO® of Augusta-Aiken, we have everything needed to ensure that your office in Aiken, Athens, Augusta, or a nearby community receives a comprehensive clean that eliminates germs, improves indoor air quality, and promotes productivity. Read on to learn how our cleaning team can help you maintain a healthier workplace.

Key Practices for Your Office Cleaning Checklist in Aiken

If your normal cleaning routine only leaves your office with a surface clean, then it’s unlikely that you’re giving your employees the safe, healthy work environment they deserve. Take a look at a few crucial practices that should be included as part of your office cleaning checklist in Aiken:

  • Indoor air filtration. Indoor air quality is often overlooked during the cleaning process, resulting in excessive levels of indoor air pollution that contribute to respiratory issues and make your office feel stuffy. Our HEPA filter vacuums remove dust and dander from the air as they clean your floors, providing your workplace with fresher, healthier air quality.
  • Green cleaning methods. All too often, people reach for toxic formulas and harsh chemicals in an effort to improve hygiene and cleanliness. However, these cleaning agents can actually be detrimental to human health as well as the health of the environment. We always work with non-toxic formulas that leave your office safer and healthier.
  • Detailed disinfection. With our comprehensive disinfection service, your office will be a more hygienic space to spend time in. Our non-toxic EnviroShield® disinfection system knocks out 99% of bacteria and viruses on all types of surfaces for advanced germ elimination and protection for your staff members and clients.

Our JAN-PRO Tracker: More Than an Office Cleaning Checklist in Aiken

Our exclusive tracking system consists of several tools that ensure our cleaning team never misses a detail. In addition to an extensive office cleaning checklist that has been customized to meet the specific needs of your business in Aiken, the JAN-PRO Tracker® also utilizes benchmark inspections that quantify our performance and provide your workplace with a measurable clean. The final result is a safer, healthier office environment and peace of mind for employers and employees alike.

Contact JAN-PRO of Augusta-Aiken today at (706) 447-8658 to book a free consultation and learn more about getting started with a customized office cleaning checklist in Aiken, Athens, Augusta, or a neighboring community.