10 Benefits of Working with a Certified Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Posted on April 22, 2024

You might already know that outsourcing Atlanta cleaning services for your business can have a few benefits. For example, your staff will not waste precious time with office or communal upkeep and can instead focus on essential internal tasks. Plus, who doesn’t love a clean workspace?

However, you might not immediately register some of the unseen advantages. JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Atlanta has a network of certified cleaning franchisees nationwide. Our extensive commercial cleaning experience brings insights into a few lesser-known perks.

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What Is a Certified Commercial Cleaning Franchise in Atlanta, GA?

Franchisors like JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Atlanta help commercial cleaning experts establish businesses under a uniform brand. The franchisee independently operates their branch, using their skills and personal knowledge to assist clients. Meanwhile, the franchisor provides consistent training, operation models, and equipment to help the franchisee flourish.

A certified commercial cleaning franchise near you has everything it needs to provide your business with customized services tailored specifically to your industry standards, seasonal schedules, and general cleaning needs. You interact with your commercial cleaning franchise owner from one business to another.

Therefore, you essentially partner with another business owner to reach a common goal: cleaning and maintaining your brand’s physical storefronts. This allows a more personal relationship and deeper understanding between the client and contractor.

10 Advantages Your Business Can Reap From Atlanta, GA Cleaning Services

One of the main perks of working with a certified cleaning franchise is that you will never worry about restocking cleaning products or purchasing and managing cleaning equipment. Your cleaning service contractor keeps track of these necessities and supplies their own. Other advantages, like the ones listed below, might become more apparent over time.

#1 Customized Cleaning Schedules

Blocking out time in your business schedule to address messes can overwhelm any business owner. You have so many other tasks to attend to. Delegating employees, purchasing the appropriate formulas, and allotting enough time for each task creates stress and eats into productivity.

A certified cleaning franchise focuses on nothing but your cleaning requirements. They can service your commercial area:

  • During slow seasons with deep cleanings
  • Consistently with weekly or daily services during closing hours
  • Directly following heavy rushes with daily porter services

They can also recommend routines that address specific concerns, like window or carpet cleaning. This removes the guesswork and prevents your staff from falling behind on cleaning and internal duties.

#2 Higher Productivity

When staff members spend less time cleaning, they completely focus on serving your customers, managing inventory, balancing books, and other essential duties. Better service quality and more attention to detail means fewer errors and higher business income. Plus, tidy workspaces elevate the overall vibe, inspiring your employees to get creative and solve problems.

#3 Better Indoor Air Quality

Basic housekeeping is just as crucial to breathable air as your HVAC system. People track dirt, pollen, and other debris from outdoors. Indoor dust is one of the few constants in life.

Your staff and customers might develop allergies to this debris, struggling with symptoms like:

  • Stuffy or runny noses
  • Chest congestion
  • Sneezing, coughing, and wheezing
  • Fatigue
  • General discomfort
  • Difficulty breathing

Each issue can deplete a person’s focus on shopping, interacting with others, or completing their tasks. Commercial cleaning services eliminate a considerable amount of allergens from the air.

#4 Fantastic First Impressions

Like any savvy Atlanta business owner, you care deeply about the appearance of your business. The storefront and interior must look flawless to create the best first impression possible. No one wants to shop or seek services from a run-down building littered with trash.

A certified business owner provides comprehensive services that include exterior cleaning. They can power-wash the outside walls and sidewalks, pick up garbage, and tidy up patios. These services make the commercial facilities look inviting inside and outside!

#5 Reduced Spread of Illnesses

Comprehensive Atlanta cleaning services often involve disinfection and sanitization services. These essential cleanliness aspects kill viruses and bacteria, preventing them from spreading to customers and staff members. They also ensure the health and safety of commercial kitchens and healthcare facilities.

Regular disinfection prevents your workforce from needing sick days to recover from illnesses. Therefore, your staff might soar through cold and flu season or other passing illnesses with flying colors compared to local businesses struggling to keep up with customer demands and staff shortages.

#6 Increased Workplace Safety

Your cleaning contractor communicates directly with you. Since they spend so much time keeping your business tidy and presentable, they might notice problems your employees overlook. Your contractor can alert you to issues like exposed wiring, hidden leaks, or damaged structural materials.

They can also remove tripping hazards from walkways, aisles, and common areas. Clear pathways not only prevent unexpected falls but also ensure your staff can quickly access emergency implements like fire exits, extinguishers, and alarm handles. Overall, your facility becomes much safer with extra eyes and hands inventorying the state of the building.

#7 Guaranteed Service Satisfaction

A cleaning contractor always ensures your satisfaction with any given task. They arrive at your location on time, working hard throughout their shift. Once they finish the job, you can look over it and communicate any concerns you might have.

The franchisee will promptly address your concerns, giving you peace of mind throughout the service. Feel free to tackle other essential duties while your franchise works.

#8 Resource Conservation

How many resources does maintaining an in-house janitorial team require?

  • Candidate review and onboarding: It can take weeks or months to identify and onboard a competent candidate.
  • Training, retention, and replacement: You’ll spend weeks ensuring your in-house team has the training needed to tackle cleaning duties. Plus, you must start the process again if a staff member leaves.
  • Supply and equipment inventory: Your in-house janitorial team needs cleaning supplies. You will order fresh products or pay for maintenance and repair services for cleaning equipment.
  • Fluctuating payments and benefits: Paycheck amounts fluctuate depending on the number of hours an employee works. A franchisee charges flat rates for most services, ensuring predictable, transparent invoices with no surprises.

Maintaining an internal janitorial crew is an unpredictable, expensive venture. When you work with a certified cleaning franchise, you let your contractor handle the employment and payment variables instead of handling them yourself.

#9 Lower Environmental Impact

Franchises with JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Atlanta prioritize non-toxic cleaning products and eco-friendly practices. Some franchisees earn a green cleaning certification to help businesses like retailers, hospitals, and industrial facilities lessen their environmental impact. They source products carrying the Green Seal from reputable manufacturers.

These practices and formulas improve your business’s indoor health while protecting delicate native ecosystems. If you run animal or childcare facilities, you can boast that your business prioritizes green cleaning practices for the health and safety of your clients.

#10 Longer Structure and Material Lifespan

Every physical structure requires regular maintenance to meet or exceed its average lifespan. Dirt, mold, and other pollutants diminish every material’s life expectancy by preventing airflow, trapping moisture, and causing rot. Plus, they degrade the surface’s appearance with stains and grunge.

Maintenance through cleanliness applies to all aspects of your business property, including:

  • Office furniture: Wooden desks, rolling chairs, and other furnishings collect dust and stain easily. You likely spent a lot of money on them so keeping them clean ensures you get your money’s worth.
  • Electronics: Frank snacks at his desk while Tina spills her morning coffee, but no worries. Your contractor will come through later and erase all traces of food from the keyboards, mice, and surrounding surfaces.
  • Breakroom appliances: The breakroom is your staff’s sanctuary. Maintain harmony with weekly deep cleanings.
  • Plumbing fixtures: Your restrooms are high-traffic facilities. You can easily miss mold growth, slow leaks, and other concerns. Your certified franchisee offers a fresh pair of eyes to scour for potential plumbing issues while keeping the area stocked and clean.
  • Walls, floors, and ceilings: Walls and ceilings gather dust that collects in unsightly webs. People constantly walk across the floors, tracking in the dirt that makes the surface grimy and may leave tiny scratches.
  • Windows: People frequently touch window glass, leaving oily fingerprints. The skin oil gathers dirt, making your windows look smeared.
  • Fabrics: Carpet, rugs, and upholstery require fabric-friendly cleaning products that lift dirt and stains. Keeping these materials clean is a detailed, highly involved task.
  • Shelving: Many business owners forget about shelves when cleaning commercial areas. Since these cubbies remain untouched for days or years, they collect excessive dust in the back and need thorough wipe-downs.

Every building has countless nooks and crannies you can easily forget or miss. Partnering with a cleaning franchise means no surface goes untouched.

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