JAN-PRO of Wilmington - Your Commercial Cleaning Experts

At JAN-PRO® of Wilmington, we understand that high-quality commercial cleaning takes more than just the right systems and supplies. If you want to find a cleaner able to take on your facility’s specific cleaning challenges, you need a service with industry-specific cleaning expertise.

Whether you run an industrial center or a day care center, at JAN-PRO of Wilmington, we’ve got the knowledge and experience needed to tackle any commercial cleaning challenge that comes our way. Thanks to the most rigorous training program in the cleaning world, our owner/operators are certified in specific cleaning methods for each of the industries we clean.

At JAN-PRO of Wilmington, we don’t just stop at industry-specific cleaning. We further specialize our services by creating a custom commercial cleaning plan for each facility we clean in Leland, Wilmington, Silver Lake, and throughout coastal southwestern North Carolina. These plans allow us to target high-touch and high-traffic areas and ensure that no inch is overlooked.

Advanced Commercial Cleaning in Wilmington

At JAN-PRO of Wilmington, we deliver our commercial cleaning services to Wilmington-area facilities using a series of systems and technologies streamlined and automated for efficiency and effectiveness. Just some of the state-of-the-art cleaning systems we use include:

  • EnviroShield®. Our EnviroShield® disinfection system disinfects porous, rough, and uneven surfaces with proprietary spray-application technology. It releases a fine mist of non-toxic disinfectant, coating treated surfaces in a germ-fighting shield that eliminates 99.9999% of all bacteria and viruses on contact.
  • Color-Coded Cleaning. We keep your clients and workers safe from the dangers of cross contamination by color coding our cleaning supplies.
  • Microfiber Cleaning. By using microfiber cloths and flat mops, we’re able to trap more dirt and dust per square inch compared to other cleaning materials.
  • Advanced Floor Care. Our vacuums use built-in HEPA filters that trap airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns in diameter while leaving your floors completely spotless.

Commercial Cleaning You Can Rely On

When you choose our commercial cleaning services for your facility in Wilmington, NC, we ensure high-quality and consistent cleaning results by measuring our services using our JAN-PRO Tracker® system. This rigorous monitoring system uses a 50-point checklist to ensure every aspect of our services are as efficient and effective as possible.

Call JAN-PRO of Wilmington today at (910) 888-8588 to learn more about our commercial cleaning services and to book a no-cost cleaning estimate.