JAN-PRO® of Salt Lake City – Your Commercial Cleaning Experts

Enjoy a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable workplace with commercial cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City. With a range of industry-specific commercial cleaning programs, we give businesses along the Wasatch front and in the Salt Lake City and Midvale area everything they need to combat dirt, dust, germs, and bacteria in the workplace.

Salt Lake City’s Choice for Commercial Cleaning

At JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City, we know better than anyone how your type of business can affect your cleaning needs. That’s why we offer industry-specific commercial cleaning services. With our team on your side, your workplace will be cleaned using solutions, materials, and strategies that are specifically designed for your industry and the cleaning challenges it presents. We also work with businesses to develop custom, one-of-a-kind cleaning plans designed to achieve the highest grade of clean possible for any given facility.

Our Cleaning Systems & Equipment

When you partner with JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City, your workplace is cleaned using an advanced suite of cleaning agents, equipment, and systems – many of which you won’t find with any other Salt Lake City commercial cleaning provider. These include:

  • JAN-PRO’s 3 System Process. JAN-PRO’s three-system process allows us to plan, deliver, and measure our cleanings. This ensures that we exceed expectations on each cleaning.
  • EnviroShield®. This exclusive system offers professional disinfection at a 99.9999% germ and bacteria elimination rate.
  • Color-Coded Materials. By color coding our microfiber cloths and flat mops, we make sure the materials used to clean germy areas – like bathrooms – aren’t used in other areas.
  • Safer, Greener Cleaning. Our teams use eco-friendly cleaning products and strategies, allowing us to reduce the use of high-strength cleaning agents.
  • HEPA Vacuums. We use quiet-cleaning vacuums equipped with HEPA filter technology, trapping harmful and irritating airborne particles.

The JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City Guarantee

Over the years, JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City has built a reputation for spotless commercial cleaning services and uncompromising customer service. We’re committed to providing our clients with everything they need for total peace of mind, working with them to develop cleaning plans, systems, and schedules that work for them. Our dedication to consistent results also allows us to offer our service guarantee, promising your satisfaction after every cleaning. We proudly serve:

Partner with Salt Lake City’s commercial cleaning experts. Call today at (801) 892-0110 to get started.